12 Months


Finally. Here’s the update of what Kenny has been up to this last month.

  • To sum it up, basically everything! He is into everything lately. I feel like it has been harder with each month he has gotten older to keep the house clean, but this month I feel like we jumped up a few notches. Food throwing, food crushing, and food scattering are a few of his favorites. He likes to hide various objects in random places, and knock over as much as he can. Destruction seems to be his favorite thing. I bet this will only get worse, but he sure is keeping me on my toes! :)
  • We have gotten better at understanding one another. He signs “milk” and “more” now. He also says “hi”, “dada”, “mama”, “ruff ruff” (whenever he sees a dog), “uh oh”, “roar” (for lions), “yea”, and “aw”. Most of these words just came about within the last week or so. All of a sudden I realized that he does understand me, and he is trying to communicate. It’s been nice because I have been able to reason with him. (On a minuscule one-year-old level. AKA no you cannot eat metal screws, stick your fingers into red wax and smear it everywhere, or touch the bike chain and get grease all over yourself and everything else that is white in the house. We’re still working on some of that, though ;)

^^^Here Kenny is helping me “make” cinnamon rolls aka snitch the sugar/cinnamon mixture.

  • He has started to refuse to sit in his high chair. He is able to wiggle himself out, and then he stands and rocks the chair back and forth so that it goes up and down on 2 legs. He usually ends up sitting in one of our laps to eat or just on a regular chair next to us.

^^^Playing outside with a stick and a rock he found. Life is the best! :)

  • He has 4 teeth now.

^^^Showing off his teeth.

  • He does things to be funny and silly. He likes to stick out his tongue and wiggle it around while making a silly noise. He also like to put random stuff on the top of his head to be silly. Socks are one of his favorites.

^^^Making a silly face.

  • Kenny has been sick before with colds and a few fevers, but 2 weeks ago was the worse sickness he has had so far. It really drained him of energy, and it was hard to see him so sad. For 2 days all he wanted to do was snuggle with me. Turns out that he had a double ear infection. Thankfully he’s all better now, but he was a bit sick on his birthday.

^^^Not feeling well.

Kenny sure is a joy in our lives! We’ve loved every bit of these last 12 months!

And, of course, a picture to wrap up the post. Here’s a cute picture of a baby sleeping-


I guess I need to stop calling him a baby now that he is a year. Don’t think I’m quite ready for that, though. :)


One thought on “12 Months

  1. Christine says:

    I think the silly face picture could have a different caption, something like:
    “Kashi!?! Where are the Froot Loops?”

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