Kenny’s First Birthday

So even though I am writing about this super late, we did in fact celebrate Kenny’s Birthday!

He got a lot of presents (books, clothes, quiet picture book, etc.) We decided to splurge and get him a helium balloon. (Ha, we got him a few other things too, but whenever we are at the store and he sees a balloon, he always reaches for it and wants to play with it. Don’t worry, it was a hit.)

We also did the whole give a huge cake to a baby and watch him devour and smear it everywhere thing. We set him all up, got the camera, and each had our phones out as well in case we needed to document the awesome mess from multiple angles. (Kind of like that one time Stacy I were able to document stuff from two angles because she gave me her old camera since she had gotten a new one for Christmas. Right after she gave it to me, we started video taping each other while dancing in a circle saying “look! I’m videoing you.” “haha I’m videoing you, too!” and while we were dancing in a circle, arms were thrown in glee, and I dropped the brand new-to-me camera on the ground and it broke. Best Christmas present I’ve ever had for 30 seconds. Ha. It’s actually a really funny video. Anyway, I digress. Unto the main guy of the post, Kenny.)

Yes, so then we let him at that awesome blue mound of a cake.



It was very anticlimactic.

As you can see, he hesitantly touched the blue frosting with his hand, realized it was sticky, and just got hung up on that. He kept on looking at his sticky hand and would open and close it with a puzzled look on his face. I don’t think he liked the stickiness. (Even though he has a real knack for making messes! Like all the time. He got into the greasy bike chain again today for the million bajillionth time. Sneaky little one.)


Don’t worry he did eat cake, though. We just fed it to him (and ate way too much ourselves in the process.)

Overall, it was a fun night! :)

And now for a photo comparison-

Kenneth - one year old - April 22, 1989

Here’s Ken on his one-year-old Birthday. As you can see, he wasn’t as hesitant. Do you think they look similar?

3 thoughts on “Kenny’s First Birthday

  1. I can definitely see the resemblance between the two. But Kenny definitely has the Rachel look too. I also noticed that your friend Stacy has her own label at the end of the post. I love it!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Crazy–I actually remember when Ken turned one. I can see a lot of mannerisms of his that Kenny shares, but I have to say that I think he looks a lot more like you and the Manning side. We’ll be doing our “whole cake thing” with Clara on Sunday. Bet I don’t get a blog post up as timely as you did, though. Thanks for sharing these!

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