Have you ever read the book Wonder?
I finished it last week, and let me tell you. Such a good book. This blog post is basically being written so that my future self can remember to make my children read this book. It was really good.

It did a great job of taking me back to my middle school years and all the awkwardness and social pressure that comes with that. I’m so glad that period of my life is over. (That is, the social pressure. The awkwardness is still there.)

I am not one to stay up late to read a book. I’ll stay up a little later than normal to read a good book sometimes, but very rarely. I couldn’t stop reading this book, though! I was dead tired the next day because I stayed up so late reading it.

Anyway, it’s a good one. You should read it because it will be worth your time. Also, make sure you have tissues nearby. It will get you.

And on a completely unrelated note, Kenny slept until 7:20 am this morning (usually him sleeping until 6:00 is a treat!), then he slept an extra 40 minutes longer than he normally does for his morning nap, and right now he is going on an extra 50 minutes for his afternoon nap! Hence this random blog post. I didn’t know what to do with all this extra time! I actually did my hair today, put on make-up, got dressed today, and brushed my teeth . . . uh I mean I do that every day. ;) It has been a good day.

And now for a randomness picture-
^^^Haha he is thinking “Seriously, Mom? It was bad enough that you dressed me like this, but a picture, too?”