Lent 4.0

So I am a couple of days early starting my lent goal for this year, but my sister-in-law Suzanne introduced me to a program that starts today, and it was too good to pass up!

I am doing a “Feel Great in Eight” challenge that focuses on helping you become healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually for 8 weeks. I really like this program compared to lot of other “diets” out there. This challenge is really well-rounded. Everything is point-based, so you get points for “healthy” choices. Like most “diets” you get points for eating well, but for this program you are also rewarded for things like writing in your journal, reading your scriptures, exercising, doing service, etc.

I am really exciting about this! Today is the first day, and it is going okay. This is the first time I have ever tracked my calories before (thank you MyFitnessPal!), so it is kind of eye-opening for me. (Pasta has how many calories? Gah.)

So I may or may not keep you updated on the blog with how this is going. It depends on how good/bad. (If it is just average and boring, I probably won’t get enough motivation to actually write about it on here.)

Oh, and bonus! There’s prize money. So . . . if I win some of the weekly drawings, I may do a little jig and post it on here.

Which sort of related, but Kenny’s dancing cracks me up.He puts one hand in the air and bobs up and down like he is about to drop it. Pretty funny. Especially when he does it during the church hymns.

Here’s the best clip I’ve been able to get of it (there is music playing, but you just can’t hear it)-

Anyway, wish me luck! Oh, and Ken is doing it too, so I guess you can wish him luck, too. ;)