Blog Redesign

Blog redesign! What do you think?

It’s all part of my effort to try to be better at blogging. I figured giving the blog a face lift may help me become more excited about blogging. I never really liked the old layout, but it was the most bearable one I could find at the time. I am really liking the look of the blog now, though.

Also, I updated the “about me” section on the left-hand page. The picture that was used before was extremely pixaly, but when I made it I was so frustrated that I just posted it and said “don’t care!” (Hmmm, Stacy can attest that I do this often. I work on something for a while, get frustrated, and then just call it good. Car half crooked in a parking space? Don’t care!) (Also, two mentions of Stacy in back-to-back posts? Guess you can call it an early wedding present.)

Yeah, so hopefully you like how it looks!

And onto a random picture to complete the post-


^^^The current state of Kenny’s legs. Can you tell that he is a boy who loves to play outside? And about 20 minutes after this picture was taken he managed to add another cut to his collection. Talent.


Cookie Monster

So remember this post about lent and the Feel Great in Eight Challenge?

Yeah, so I actually did it! And yesterday was the last day!

So this is what my Monday looks like-


^^^Yes, cookie bars that happen to be eaten in the shape of Utah. A complete coincidence, by the way. (The shape of the cookies, not the cookies. The cookies were deliberate and much needed.) Guess I am just so excited to come out to Utah in a week and a half (because Stacy is getting MURRIEEED!) that my subconscious is doing all sorts of weird things!

So yeah, as you can see in all the absent cookies, I learned some great habits from the Feel Great in Eight.

Ha, but in all seriousness I did learn some good habits. I am giving myself a “free week” to eat crazy, and then I am going to try to be good again.

Anyway, I really did enjoy the program. My goal was to maintain my weight and put on some muscle, but I did end up losing a little bit anyway. I lost 3.55% of my total weight, so not a ton. What I was really surprised about was when I did the before/after measuring. She had us measure our waist, hips, thighs, chest, and arms. I was pleasantly surprised to see a difference! I had noticed that my clothes were a bit bigger, but I attributed that to the jump from winter to summer clothes that I made during the program.

Want to see my before/after picture?


^^^Haha not really. Ken got this app that makes you put on weight by distorting the picture. (The one on the left is distorted, Stacy. I can totally see you making a joke about the pic on the right. ;)

Oh yeah! And I never mentioned that I did end up winning one of the weekly drawings! Total luck, but I got $30. So that was nice. :)

And the final results haven’t been posted yet, but I don’t think I won any money or anything. That’s okay, though. I was forced to do some good healthy habits, and hopefully I will be able to keep some of them. :)

New Wheels

Don’t you just love posts about new transportation?

Yeah, I know, kinda boring, but super fun for us!

We got a 2001 white Toyota Camry! Super super excited about this. We’ve had only one car for our entire marriage, and it has been fine really. But up until about 2 months ago (when Kenny started walking), we felt a little cooped up not being able to get out and do things during the day.

So we started looking. (I had actually been looking for quite some time just to get a feel for the market out here, but we started actually looking with the intent to buy.)

We found this car, and it was a very reasonable price and it only had 93,000 miles on it. The couple who owned it before us was an older couple who were especially particular about taking care of their things. They had carpet protectors over their carpets over their carpet. So we made an offer, negotiated back and forth a bit (which I did, and I am really proud of myself on how much I was able to talk him down), and came to an agreement.

Features that we are loving:

  • Roooooomy. With our huge carseat, we had to slide the passenger seat of the Corolla up super far to try to get it to fit in the car. With the new car there is plenty of leg room and then some to spare.
  • Cleanliness. It is extremely clean. Like border line OCD clean. Even under the hood. Which funny side story- we bought the car, drove to the gas station to get some gas, I stepped in oil, got in the car, and got black oil all over the carpets! Yes, we had owned the car for less than 5 minutes and I managed to ruin the carpets that quickly. It’s a talent.
  • Comfortable Seats. I am kind of funny about seats, especially seats in cars. It’s got to feel right on my back. And this one, oh yeah, it’s nice.
  • Quick, cold AC. Yes, we already are turning on the AC here in the South. It’s a must, but it sure is nice to have a car that cools down so quickly.
  • Dashboard that lights up properly. Our Corolla glitches in and out occasionally, which is usually fine unless you put the car in neutral instead of drive. Not like I’ve done that before, though. ;)
  • Automatic Seat Mover-things. Not that I really care about moving my seat forward manually, but I guess it is a nice feature.
  • Oh yeah! And the best feature of all! (Don’t know why this is at the bottom of the list) We have the controls that allow us to unlock/lock the car from the outside. So so so enjoy this. (Especially when I am juggling little guy, groceries, purse, etc.)

So yeah, you may see us cruising the town in two cars now. :)

Earth Day!

It is Earth Day, people! How are you celebrating? Over here we are celebrating with presents, dinner with friends, and cake & ice cream. What? You don’t celebrate Earth Day that way? Well you should because it is my favorite man’s BIRTHDAY today! (And everything is true about us celebrating except that there is no cake or ice cream. A special request was made for pumpkin muffins, so I am about to whip those up right after I finish writing this.)

Yes, it is true. Ken has now officially tipped on the latter end of his 20’s. Don’t worry. We are in the process of getting life insurance for him STAT. (True story, though.)


^^^Such a cutie, huh?

I feel so lucky to have Ken in my life. Last week he was gone on a business trip for most of the week, and after the first day or two, I realized how much Ken does for me and our little family. He is so kind, caring, and selfless. He hardly ever complains and is so willing to listen. He helps so much around the house and is such a good dad to Kenny. He really is the best husband ever, and I still don’t know how I got so lucky.

Happy Birthday, Ken!


^^^Love this picture of the two of them holding hands.


The Farmer’s Tan

I, Rachel the-palest-girl-on-the-planet Alford, am tanner than Ken. Yes. No lie. Me of all people.

And yes, that is the full purpose of this post because, I mean, look at this-

When your neck just blends into your white shirt and you can’t really tell where one begins and one ends, that just shows how pale you are.

So that is why it is a big deal that I am tanner than him! He is always ALWAYS darker than me. He will walk outside to get in his car (did you notice how I said his car? Blog post to come.) and he will get a tan. At least, that is how it feels. But now that little man would live outside if we let him, I am spending hours outside everyday. I don’t really mind, but it is giving me a killer farmer’s tan. But I guess I just fit in with the South, right? ;)


Grandma and Grandpa!

Uh so maybe I’m getting a little behind on blogging. I’m going to try to be better at blogging regularly (we’ll see how that goes).

So anyway, Ken’s parents came to visit us here in South Carolina recently! It was a lot of fun to see them and show them around our town. I am embarrassingly didn’t take one picture the whole time they were here! (What was I thinking?) But I was able to bum some off of Ken’s dad.

Grandma and Kenny

^^^Kenny loved his grandma time playing with her on the piano.


We loved hanging out with them! We took them to our favorite restaurant in town (Sullivan’s! Their dessert is to die for!), went to the local flea market, fed the ducks, went to the antique store, and Ken’s dad did a fireside on Sunday called God’s Hands in America’s Birth (and it was a great talk and there was a great turnout!). Kenneth and I were also able to go on a date! We saw Frozen, and I loved it, and Ken tolerated it. (Thanks for watching Kenny, Mom!) We also went on a bazillion walks with Kenny. (This was right when he was getting pretty good at walking and when it was starting to get warm enough to spend a lot of time outside.)

Unfortunately Kenny and Mom got sick with a cold, but both were troopers. And boy did Kenny warm up to Grandma and Grandpa quickly! When Grandpa left to get something from the car, instant tears. And when they would come down the hall for breakfast in the morning, Kenny was down and running towards them to say hi and give a hug. The day they left was a sad day. Kenny had to go down for a nap, so they sad goodbye to him before the nap. When Kenny got up from his nap, I explained where they were went he went looking for them. I told him that they had to go bye-bye. He was so sad! And the next morning he woke up early and tried to go looking for them, and lost it again. He definitely loves his grandparents!

Oh, and Ken’s parents have a knack for bringing the colder weather with them. The week before and after they came we had 70 degree weather, but the week they were here it lingered around the 40’s. Guess that just means they’ll need to come visit us again to experience the nice weather, right? It was 85 degrees this last week . . . tempting. ;)