Kenny has been such a blast lately. With him walking now (don’t think I’ve mentioned that on the blog . . . so yeah! he’s walking now), I’ve really enjoyed being able to go and do things with him. Like the park. Boy, this kid and the park. He loves it! Actually, he just loves being outside in general. Like a lot. Right when he gets up in the morning, he goes to the door and asks to go outside. To ask to go outside, he does the hand motion as if he is turning a doorknob . Don’t know where he got that.


^^^Just taking a break from running around outside.


^^^And he does things to be silly now, too. I put this headband on him, and he really liked making silly faces while watching himself in the camera.


^^^Sometimes it’s just more fun to wear your food, ya know?


^^^And who doesn’t love a picture of a baby toddler sleeping?

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this post is to acknowledge that Kenny now knows how to say “No!” He has been able to shake his head no for a while now like whenever I ask a question and then say, “Yeesssss,” he always shakes his head “no” no matter what I ask. (“Do you want some ice cream? Yesss” *shakes head no*.)

Unfortunately he learned how to say no the same day that he got two of his top molars. That definitely made an interesting Monday morning. :)

Truly though, he really is a sweet boy. He loves helping when we ask him, and is doing a good job of listening and understanding. Hopefully that continues. :)


^^^Love this little munchkin. (Oh yeah, and my hair is brown now. Yes, I am still having an identity crisis.)


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