The Farmer’s Tan

I, Rachel the-palest-girl-on-the-planet Alford, am tanner than Ken. Yes. No lie. Me of all people.

And yes, that is the full purpose of this post because, I mean, look at this-

When your neck just blends into your white shirt and you can’t really tell where one begins and one ends, that just shows how pale you are.

So that is why it is a big deal that I am tanner than him! He is always ALWAYS darker than me. He will walk outside to get in his car (did you notice how I said his car? Blog post to come.) and he will get a tan. At least, that is how it feels. But now that little man would live outside if we let him, I am spending hours outside everyday. I don’t really mind, but it is giving me a killer farmer’s tan. But I guess I just fit in with the South, right? ;)


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