New Wheels

Don’t you just love posts about new transportation?

Yeah, I know, kinda boring, but super fun for us!

We got a 2001 white Toyota Camry! Super super excited about this. We’ve had only one car for our entire marriage, and it has been fine really. But up until about 2 months ago (when Kenny started walking), we felt a little cooped up not being able to get out and do things during the day.

So we started looking. (I had actually been looking for quite some time just to get a feel for the market out here, but we started actually looking with the intent to buy.)

We found this car, and it was a very reasonable price and it only had 93,000 miles on it. The couple who owned it before us was an older couple who were especially particular about taking care of their things. They had carpet protectors over their carpets over their carpet. So we made an offer, negotiated back and forth a bit (which I did, and I am really proud of myself on how much I was able to talk him down), and came to an agreement.

Features that we are loving:

  • Roooooomy. With our huge carseat, we had to slide the passenger seat of the Corolla up super far to try to get it to fit in the car. With the new car there is plenty of leg room and then some to spare.
  • Cleanliness. It is extremely clean. Like border line OCD clean. Even under the hood. Which funny side story- we bought the car, drove to the gas station to get some gas, I stepped in oil, got in the car, and got black oil all over the carpets! Yes, we had owned the car for less than 5 minutes and I managed to ruin the carpets that quickly. It’s a talent.
  • Comfortable Seats. I am kind of funny about seats, especially seats in cars. It’s got to feel right on my back. And this one, oh yeah, it’s nice.
  • Quick, cold AC. Yes, we already are turning on the AC here in the South. It’s a must, but it sure is nice to have a car that cools down so quickly.
  • Dashboard that lights up properly. Our Corolla glitches in and out occasionally, which is usually fine unless you put the car in neutral instead of drive. Not like I’ve done that before, though. ;)
  • Automatic Seat Mover-things. Not that I really care about moving my seat forward manually, but I guess it is a nice feature.
  • Oh yeah! And the best feature of all! (Don’t know why this is at the bottom of the list) We have the controls that allow us to unlock/lock the car from the outside. So so so enjoy this. (Especially when I am juggling little guy, groceries, purse, etc.)

So yeah, you may see us cruising the town in two cars now. :)

2 thoughts on “New Wheels

  1. First, I thought it was a 2002 Camry? Also I thought it was blue? It would appear that I’m not very good at listening when we talk in the phone haha.

    Also no pictures. Sniff…sniff.

    • Hahaha blue? We’ll just say that Kenny was being loud and that’s why you got confused. At the 2002 part, I could have very well have said that wrong. I think for a while I did think it was a 2002 haha.

      And yeah, I meant to put pics up, but I lost the ones I was going to use and then I was too lazy to go take some new ones.

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