Cookie Monster

So remember this post about lent and the Feel Great in Eight Challenge?

Yeah, so I actually did it! And yesterday was the last day!

So this is what my Monday looks like-


^^^Yes, cookie bars that happen to be eaten in the shape of Utah. A complete coincidence, by the way. (The shape of the cookies, not the cookies. The cookies were deliberate and much needed.) Guess I am just so excited to come out to Utah in a week and a half (because Stacy is getting MURRIEEED!) that my subconscious is doing all sorts of weird things!

So yeah, as you can see in all the absent cookies, I learned some great habits from the Feel Great in Eight.

Ha, but in all seriousness I did learn some good habits. I am giving myself a “free week” to eat crazy, and then I am going to try to be good again.

Anyway, I really did enjoy the program. My goal was to maintain my weight and put on some muscle, but I did end up losing a little bit anyway. I lost 3.55% of my total weight, so not a ton. What I was really surprised about was when I did the before/after measuring. She had us measure our waist, hips, thighs, chest, and arms. I was pleasantly surprised to see a difference! I had noticed that my clothes were a bit bigger, but I attributed that to the jump from winter to summer clothes that I made during the program.

Want to see my before/after picture?


^^^Haha not really. Ken got this app that makes you put on weight by distorting the picture. (The one on the left is distorted, Stacy. I can totally see you making a joke about the pic on the right. ;)

Oh yeah! And I never mentioned that I did end up winning one of the weekly drawings! Total luck, but I got $30. So that was nice. :)

And the final results haven’t been posted yet, but I don’t think I won any money or anything. That’s okay, though. I was forced to do some good healthy habits, and hopefully I will be able to keep some of them. :)

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