Blog Redesign

Blog redesign! What do you think?

It’s all part of my effort to try to be better at blogging. I figured giving the blog a face lift may help me become more excited about blogging. I never really liked the old layout, but it was the most bearable one I could find at the time. I am really liking the look of the blog now, though.

Also, I updated the “about me” section on the left-hand page. The picture that was used before was extremely pixaly, but when I made it I was so frustrated that I just posted it and said “don’t care!” (Hmmm, Stacy can attest that I do this often. I work on something for a while, get frustrated, and then just call it good. Car half crooked in a parking space? Don’t care!) (Also, two mentions of Stacy in back-to-back posts? Guess you can call it an early wedding present.)

Yeah, so hopefully you like how it looks!

And onto a random picture to complete the post-


^^^The current state of Kenny’s legs. Can you tell that he is a boy who loves to play outside? And about 20 minutes after this picture was taken he managed to add another cut to his collection. Talent.


3 thoughts on “Blog Redesign

  1. Ohh, his poor little knees! So cute! Also, I miss the old about me section. Didn’t you have some cray cray face going on? Haha, I feel like the new picture is giving the viewers a dishonest view of who you really are. Haha, jokes.

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