Watch Your [Dub] Step

For family night on Monday, we decided to go on a walk downtown.

We parked the car, got out of the car, and saw this-


And that’s when we knew it was going to be a good walk.

But really, it was fun to go exploring and see parts of town that you can’t see when you whiz past in your car. Like this gem-


^^^Doesn’t it just feel like there should be a dirt road and two cowboys that are about to have a shoot-off?

And such inspirational quotes are around town-


^^^And no, this wasn’t found in front of a shoe store, although that would have been fitting.

But really though, it was a lot of fun! We found the splash-pad downtown that someone told us about-


It has been in the mid-eighties this past week, so if it continues to be this hot, we will be making appearances there soon.

And Ken was in heaven when we found this on the side of the road-


Yes, it is a “Free Fruit” bucket where people “rich, poor, young, and old” are free to “help yourself and leave some for others.” There were two bananas in the bucket, and Ken, not being afraid to eat anything, ate one. He still hasn’t died yet, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Kind of a cool idea. (The fruit bucket, not Ken dying.)

And around town they had all of these squares spray painted on the ground with the words “to me, art is . . . ” and school kids put their thoughts in the box. There were quite a few funny ones, but we really thought this one was good-


Remember that restaurant, Sullivan’s, that we love?


Well apparently we’re not the only ones that have a soft spot for their cake. When Ken’s parents were in town, we went to Sullivan’s and we all had the hardest time deciding which dessert to get. Ken’s dad nearly decided carrot cake multiple times, so we thought he would get a kick out of that picture. (Did you ever end up getting the carrot cake, Dad?)

And to close the post here are some pics of Kenny “smiling on request”-


P.S. I couldn’t think of a casual way to work you into this one, Stacy. Better luck next time. :)

3 thoughts on “Watch Your [Dub] Step

  1. Oh come on, wasn’t it obvious? You could have easily mentioned me during the dub step part, since I’m basically a professional dub stepper.

  2. Ken Alford says:

    I had two of the cheesecakes at Sullivan’s, and they were a little bit of heaven!

    And, lest I ruin my hipness quotient… I had never even heard of dubstep until your blog post. (I had to look it up online.)




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