Hmmm . . . Strange

Hmmm. How did 2.5 months go by without me blogging? Strange. Remember how I was going to do better at blogging? Again, strange. Also, wordpress has changed everything on their website, so I am having trouble navigating. Strange.

Uh, so anyway, lots of excuses. One of them being that our computer broke. But hello! It’s fixed now! (Hallelujah!) So again. I am going to try to be better at blogging. (Hopefully you’re not thinking, “yeah, empty promise right thurrrr.”) I really am going to try to make an effort to be better.

So that’s really the point of this post. I am working on an 18 month post for Kenny because (what?!) he turned 18 months a couple of days ago. (Side note: He literally turned 18 months 2 days ago. Ken and I have a different view of the meaning of “couple”, “few”, and “several”. I think it means couple=2, few=3 or 4, and several=6+. Ken is more liberal in throwing out those words when the numbers aren’t exactly as previously mentioned, which now thinking about it is really weird. Whenever I throw out numbers haphazardly (yeah, it weighed like 100 pounds! it was awful!) Ken teases me that I must not be an engineer because engineers are precise with their numbers. Anyway, so random.)

And to close the post, here’s a pic-


Here’s a picture of Kenny with our neighbors who live below us. They are the best neighbors. They never complain about how loud Kenny is. We got really lucky. And Kenny loves James (he’s holding his hand). Whenever Kenny sees James he runs to him and just starts jabbering. It’s really cute. And whenever he sees an open garage, he thinks James is in there cleaning his car (because he has a yellow camero convertible, so he is in his garage cleaning his car a lot), so he gets super excited and starts waving and saying hi.

They are moving at the end of the year, and we are going to miss them so much!


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