18 Months

So Kenny has changed a lot since the last time I did an update! I was looking back at pictures of him from February of this last year, and he looks so different! Taller, more teeth, more hair, and his hair has become a little lighter because of the sun. (Which I love!)

Some of the things that he is up to lately:

  • Loves to play with his belly button. I think it’s his equivalent of sucking his thumb. Seriously. I’ve had to stop putting him in onsies because it makes him so upset that he can’t reach his belly button. But as you can see in the picture below, he still managed to figure out a way to get to his belly button in a onsie. He also figured out how to unzip zippers because he wanted to get to his belly button in his PJs.


  • He has recently learned how to fold his arms for prayers. The other day he was really sick (high fever), and he was laying in my arms, and we started saying a prayer. With his eyes barely open because he was feeling so bad, he realized we were saying prayers, and quickly folded his arms. It was the sweetest thing.


  • If he realizes that his picture is being taken, he will say “cheeese!”, tilt his head up to the sky, and give a goofy grin. It’s pretty funny, but also hard because you can hardly see his face because he tilts his head back so far.


  • The kid still loves trucks. It’s probably the fanciest word he can say at this point. It’s really fun to see him try to get the right sounds using his tongue, air, etc.
  • He loves rocks. He always has to stop and pick one up when we get in the car. When we go to playground, he will just go to the rock field next to the playground and find handfuls of rocks that he likes.


  • He HATES the vacuum. He has always been a little weary of it, but it reached all new levels this last week when I vacuumed. When I told him I needed to vacuum, he cried for 20 minutes prior to me vacuuming and begged me not to leave his bedroom. I finally got away to vacuum (while he hid in his bedroom the whole time crying), vacuumed most of what I wanted, and turned it off to adjust some furniture. I was going to turn it back on, but Kenny came running out laughing and smiling because he was so happy it was over and started trying to wind the cord back up. I decided it was good enough and put the vacuum away.
  • He points to his head if he hears something. I think he saw one of us point to our ear one time, but he didn’t realize it was our ear and that’s how the head-pointing began.


  • He loves to hide from us and when asked if he is hiding behind “x” he says “noooo”.
  • He says “excuse me” after he burps.
  • He loves his blanket and pillow. And just this last week he has really started liking some of his stuffed animals.


  • He loves to look at books and give all the animals kisses.
  • I gave him his first haircut a few months back. He has gotten another since then. He had some sweet mullet curls that needed taming. I wish I had taken a before picture.


  • No bug stands a chance once Kenny sees it. He demolishes them. He will smash them over and over and over for a solid five minutes. And then if he stops, it is because he is finding a truck to roll over the dead bug as well.
  • When he says “no” he does a pouty face afterwards. It really adds to the sass.


  • And lastly, people comment that he looks like a “little man”, has an “adult face”, or a “strong face”. That’s the most common thing people tell us.

And one last picture to close it out. 

I love how this picture turned out. It’s from Marcus Balog’s (Ken’s best friend growing up) wedding.


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