January 2015

So there actually was another main reason why I wasn’t blogging. I was sick. Most days, all day. Nothing serious and it isn’t contagious. The illness is called . . . morning sickness!

Yep. You read it right.

January 2015 we will be introducing another little one to our family! We are beyond excited.

I am 14 weeks along now, and I’m starting to feel a lot better. This pregnancy has been harder than with Kenny’s, but it has been bearable. (Except brushing my teeth! Seriously, I dread that part of the day. Every time it makes me gag so much that I nearly lose it. I can’t have anyone talking to me or distracting me. It’s ridiculous.) And I have started showing way sooner than I did with Kenny. At about 17 weeks or so I started showing with Kenny, but I had people asking me if I was pregnant when I was 11 weeks along this time. (Pretty brave of them!)

My official due date is January 23, so baby and Kenny will be 2 years apart.

Ken thinks it is a boy, and I think it is a girl. I guess we will find out in 6 weeks, though!

So excited!

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