Meet Doggie, “Bear”, and Puppy

For the longest time I would read or hear about how babies/toddlers can become attached to certain objects. And I just couldn’t relate. Kenny showed zero preference to any stuffed animals, blankets, toys, etc. 

About 6 weeks ago that changed. 

Meet Doggie, “Bear” and Puppy-

And as you can see, the stuffed animals are actually all dogs, but we have to call one “bear” because it’s hard to distinguish between the three of them. (Can you guess what Kenny’s favorite animal is?) Kenny treats these dogs like little babies. It has made me feel like I have three more kids I need to take care of, which maybe is good practice for when the babe comes in January. (We find out the gender in less than 2 weeks!)

Kenny makes sure that the animals get food when we sit down for meals and snacks, get diaper changes, get their clothes changed for the day, get shoes, etc. For the first few days I thought it was cute, but sometimes it is hard to have patience when your 19 month old insists (over and over and over) that you go find doggie because he needs to eat food with us even though we are in a hurry. 

But really, it is cute. He loves the stuffed animals so much. They were all given to him (Oma, Papa, and Nanny). “Bear” already has two holes on his back because he gets so much love. And it is really cute when Kenny does share them with other kids. (It happens occasionally, but only if he really likes you . . . and typically he will want it right back.)

He also has a favorite blanket. It is a Cars blanket, so it has Lightening McQueen and Mater on it. (Trucks. Surprise! Not.) He thinks it is the best, and he loves to be wrapped in it like a cape. Sorry there’s no picture. Maybe another post I will get one, but right now he is down for a nap and ain’t no way I’m waking the babe for anything. :)


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