It’s a . . . It’s a . . .

Another BOY!

Yep, we will be adding another boy to our family! We are beyond excited. 

When I was pregnant with Kenny, I thought we would have 2 boys first, but then when I was pregnant this time around, I just wasn’t sure anymore. I kept on going back and forth whether I thought it was a boy or a girl. I never really had an “inkling” one way or the other. Right before the ultrasound technician told us, she asked us to make a guess. Both Ken and I randomly said girl. She then said “wrong”!

It’s fun to already see the difference between this baby and Kenny. When we had Kenny’s ultrasound, he was moving a lot. Kenny even punched his hand out one time because he didn’t like being poked so much. We weren’t able to get a profile shot of Kenny, and we weren’t able to do so with this baby either. But this baby seemed so much calmer than when Kenny had his ultrasound. (Will that translate to a low-key baby? please?) This sweet little boy hardly moved at all and seemed very unaware of all the poking and prodding. He just had his hand up by his face (with his thumb giving us the “thumbs up”) for most of the appointment. It was adorable. 


We love him already!


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