20 Weeks

So I was really good at taking pictures of my pregnant belly last time. This time, well, not the best. I’ve been meaning to take a picture for the last 20 weeks, so here it finally is-


^^^And yeah, I got a haircut. I got four inches off, which is funny because about this time last year I cut off a ton of my hair, too. It just gets so hot this time of year that I just can’t hack it. (Did you see what I did there? Hack. Like how I hacked all my hair off? Okay, I’ll stop.)

Anyway, this pregnancy:

  • More heartburn. Kenny will go in get the Tums for me which is awesome. So helpful, that one.
  • I love eating salty food! (Maybe a reason for the heartburn?) I’m not a big french fries eater, but I love them now! Smothered in ketchup! (Which is also kinda weird because I’m not a huge ketchup person.) Also, chips. Love eating chips.
  • And I may or may not have a cup of hot chocolate every single night. Even though it is still 80+ degrees outside. (I so miss how in Utah the evenings cool off.)
  • And though I have hot chocolate every night, I’m not a huge sweets person. I don’t uber crave sweets all the time like some pregnant ladies.
  • I feel like I am waddling already. And my hips hurt, too. And I had my first leg pain today. I really hope that the leg pains don’t continue. That happened with Kenny, and it definitely was not fun, and I made sure Ken knew that it was not fun. I’m pretty sure Ken hopes it was just a one time thing too because he doesn’t want the complaining to start this early either. :)

Anyway, that’s all I can really think of to say for now. Maybe I’ll do another pregnancy picture update 20 weeks from now. (AKA going to the hospital!) (Ahh, am I actually halfway?) (So excited to have a newborn again!) (I should have written all these parentheticals in hashtags.) (#hashtag)

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