Independence and Persuasion


Independence and persuasion. Sounds like a novel, right?

Well this has been what has been going on with Kenny lately. It seems like the last two months or so he has really kicked it into high gear with wanting to be independent and doing things his way, which leads me to the persuasion portion of the title. I feel like my persuasion skills have had to be kicked up a notch as well. (Oh, let’s go look over here by the exit! Oh no, you will love it! There is a dragon we can look at . . . Come on. No seriously, come on.)


  • He has gotten out of his crib once. That was about 3 weeks ago, and it hasn’t happened since (knock on wood), so I’m hoping we can postpone this for as long as possible. He laughed and was proud of himself when he realized he managed to get out of his crib (even though he really fell out of it and was crying at first).
  • Since our trip to Charleston with my mom, that’s all Kenny talks about. He calls here “Nanny”, and he will randomly insist to call her on my phone throughout the day.
  • His favorite shirt is a stripped Ralph Lauren shirt because it has a “neigh” on it (the polo logo). He loves his horsey shirt and wants to wear it every day.


  • He loves to help unload/load the dishwasher. If he sees me starting to do this chore, he will run and get his stool so he can help out.
  • Last week he said his first formal prayer. He has started saying who he would like to say the prayer, so he said he wanted to say it, and then he mumbled some words, looked at me, and then we said amen together.
  • He thinks if you say something is hot, that means you should say a prayer. I think it is because his food is typically hot and then we say a prayer on his food, so that’s why he’s made that connection. So if we get in the car and it is hot, he will want to say a prayer.
  • He loves to play hide-n-seek and still loves to scare people and to be scared. He has started saying “shh” when he is sneaking up behind you to scare you.
  • He loves when the songs “Happy”, “Rude”, or “Shake It Off” come on the radio. He tries to sing along.
  • Still loves sticks and rocks like it is his job. He knows (and understands) the rule that they aren’t suppose to come in the house, but he still tries to sneak them in. I find them all over the house in random spots. (And don’t get me started on the forest of sticks and rocks that are in my car.)


  • He loves to watch Sesame Street and a show he calls “Choo Choo.” It’s really called Dinosaur Train. Whenever he sees a dinosaur he will call it “choo choo.” The other day he decided to change “choo choo’s” diaper.
  • He gets upset if you ask “do you want to have lunch?” I think it’s because often we will have to stop doing something fun because we need to go have lunch. So if I ask him if he wants food and he says yes, that’s fine, but if I say okay let’s go get lunch, he will get upset.
  • He has been speaking a lot more lately and has started to put words together. He said his first sentence back when my family was down here after the Charleston vacation. He said “Where’d neigh go?”
  • I’ve noticed that in big crowds or loud situations he becomes a lot more reserved and a bit bashful. The other day he came with me to a Relief Society activity that was a book gift exchange. The gifts were in the center of the circle, and I asked him if he wanted to go get one because it was our turn. He started to walk towards the center but then everyone said “oh Kenny! you are so cute! good job!” and he started crying, ran back to me, and hid his head in my legs.


  • For a while, he was especially attached to me. He would only let me put him down for bed and naps. Within the last week or so, he has really started becoming more clingy towards Ken. He will say “dada” straight for 30+ minutes leading up to Ken coming home if I let it slip that he will be home soon. (Seriously. Not an exaggeration. I just put him out on the porch so I don’t have to listen to it.)
  • My favorite word that he says is “ahmie” which is his way to say snowman. I have no idea why he calls them “ahmies” but if he sees anything that resembles a snowman (Pillsbury doughboy, Michelin man, etc.) he gets super excited and starts screaming “ahmie!”


^^^Helping himself to “some” oatmeal squares. (The other day when we were in the store getting oatmeal squares, he got so super excited that we put them in the cart. The lady next to me said “I am glad to see that out of all the cereal he is getting excited over oatmeal squares.”)


^^^Getting his summer reading prize from the library. (He knows the street we turn on to when we are going to the library so he gets really excited and starts yelling “bibrary!”)


^^^Showing off the stickers Nanny got him. And yes, he is smiling. (We’ve been trying to work on his smile, and he now looks at the camera instead of up at the ceiling, but is this grimace any better? Ha.)

We love this little guy and his fun personality. He definitely keeps it interesting around here and keeps us on our toes. He really is such a sweet boy.

Oh and coincidentally, happy 20 months, Kenny!

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