21 Months

004 (2) 003

  • likes to say “no, me.” and do things himself.
  • loves the color blue.
  • has been doing so well playing by himself recently. (best update of this post. seriously. i was starting to get a bit worried about how he would do when I couldn’t play with him as much when the new baby comes. he is able to play by himself for long stretches of time. granted, we just got him “new to us” toys, so maybe that has helped, but it gives me hope!)
  • the other day we were in a hurry, so we ran out the door and Ken didn’t have shoes on. he was going to get his shoes that were in the car. we made it down the stairs, and then Kenny saw that Ken didn’t have shoes on so he said, “opps. dada. shoes.” and turned around to walk back inside to get shoes.
  • he loves to help out when he can. almost always when I tell him we are going to go outside, he will run and get my shoes for me (unprompted).
  • this last Tuesday he slept in his “big boy bed” for the first time for a nap, and then the next day he slept in his big bed for both of his naps and for bedtime. it was great. it’s basically the same as him sleeping in a crib. we told him that he needs to stay in his bed, and he listens! it’s amazing. hopefully this continues. (also, we found his bed at a garage sale for $15. steal of a deal! it’s a trundle bed and it had one mattress, a mattress pillow top, and a foam insert as well. love it.)
  • loves Elmo or as Kenny calls him “melmo”
  • has acted “bashful” at times when he gets a lot of attention from someone he isn’t too familiar with.
  • loves to try to make Ken and I laugh. the other day Kenny and I were eating lunch, and Kenny had something in his mouth. I was trying to give him something else to eat, but Kenny had stuff in his mouth, so he lifted his one finger up (to tell me to wait) and gave me a face to accompany it. I started cracking up because it was so funny. he now loves to lift up his finger at random times throughout the day to try to get me to laugh.
  • has entered into the “toddler sharing struggles”. we are currently working on that.
  • has started to transition down to one nap during the day
  • is starting to say words clearer and loves when we understand him


^^^wearing a hat like daddy

Can’t believe in just a few months this kid will be two! ahhh! :)


26 Weeks


So for the record, this picture was taken literally 30 seconds before we ran out the door for church, and Kenny was screaming because he didn’t want to wear his church clothes, and we were running late, but I have really been meaning to take a picture of the baby bump for uhhhh like 6 weeks now, so this will do.

So what’s up with this pregnancy?

  • Tums are my best friend. I ate spicy curry the other day, and I swear that even the smell made me get heartburn. The curry was delicious, but boy did I regret the heartburn later.
  • The other day Kenny ran into a table and bumped his stomach and he started whimpering and then pointed to his tummy and sad sadly “baby, baby”.
  • My belly is officially in the way when I bend down.
  • It’s so much harder to keep track how far along I am this pregnancy than last time. Time is just flying by.
  • Baby boy is moving a lot! I love it. I want Kenny to be able to feel, but I don’t think it’s quite pronounced enough yet for Kenny to comprehend what is happening.
  • I have a lot of energy (knock on wood), and I’m loving this second trimester “high”.

So all is good in the Alford household, and we are really enjoying the thought of having two little ones soon! :)

Utah . . . Part II

As promised, here is my Utah Part II post. (Also, for the record, I am sitting on the couch this time, and it’s a lot more comfortable. I recommend it.)

While we were in Utah, Kenny got some good cousin time, and he loved it. But somehow I didn’t manage to take one picture of him playing with any of his cousins. Memory capturing fail. It was really fun to see him interact and enjoy playing with them, though!

We went to a fall festival with Suzanne’s family, and it was a lot of fun! Kenny had fun playing with his cousin Clara in the “duck pond”.


^^^Oh look! I did get one picture with a cousin. Too bad Clara wasn’t looking at the camera. I say this all the time, but I need to be better at taking pictures.

Kenny then wanted to go see the puppies, so we waited in line for the chance to pet the puppies. We waited in line forever (30 minutes), but it was definitely worth it. He loved it. A little black dog seemed to be Kenny’s favorite.



^^^Don’t let the sour face fool you. I think he was just upset that I made him stop and take a picture.


They also had a “photo booth” aka a background where you could dress up and take your own pictures if you had your camera. Both Kenny and I had masks on, but Kenny was looking at the mask and then ripped it right when the picture was taken. Oops. (Or as Kenny likes to say now “opps”.)


^^^At the duck pond with Grandpa.

Kenny loved to see and feed the ducks. We were feeding the ducks some food, but then Kenny got hungry, so I got a granola bar out for him. He was eating it, and then all of a sudden Kenny started yelling “bar” and running towards me. I looked up and saw a duck booking it the other direction with Kenny’s granola bar in its mouth. Apparently the duck stole the granola bar out of Kenny’s hand.

At the very end, we were getting ready to leave, and Kenny got really excited because he saw some “wa wa” or water. He splashed his hand down into it. Yeah, not water. Nasty duck poop. So fun to try to clean up.

271 274

^^^At the Bean Museum with Grandma. Kenny loved this. He loved looking at all the animals.

We also got to visit Ken’s grandpa, which was really nice. He passed away yesterday, so I’m glad we were able to visit him while we were in Utah.


And then to close out the post, here is a video of Kenny and Grandpa playing “boo”, which then turned into a game of “where’s Kenny”. It was close to Kenny’s bedtime, so Kenny was not as excited/silly as he was at times, but you’ll get the gist.

At the very end, Kenny ran over and started pointing to Grandma to have her play, too. He sure loves his grandparents.

“Utah . . .”

“People working together . . . Utah! What a great place to be.” (Flashbacks to sophomore year in college when my roommates would sing the Utah state song at random times throughout the day. Miss it.)

Anyway, I promised a post about our trip to Utah.

To sum it up in one sentence- We had a great time! Despite Kenny never really changing over to Mountain Time (waking up at 5:00 am every day), we were able to get in some good extended family time.

We stayed with Ken’s parents, and Kenny loved spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa. He would ask them over and over (and over and over) to play “boo” with him (aka hide-and-go-seek where Kenny will hide but then come out after like 3 seconds of waiting), and they were patient enough to play with him. I will post some videos/photos of that in my Utah Part II post. (I really just don’t want to get up to go get the camera and my cell phone where the photos are so I’ll postpone that to another post.) (Yes, I am being lazy right now, but I’m also claiming the pregnancy card. I am big enough that it has gotten harder for me to get up and off the ground and that’s where I am sitting right now. On the ground.)

Anyway, onto pictures that already happen to be on the computer!

We went up to Ogden so that the boys could take their 4 Kens pictures. I think they turned out pretty well especially since we ended up waiting an hour past our appointment time to start taking pictures. Lots of candy and secret snacks were brought out to bribe Kenny to maintain a happy, good attitude.


^^^He posed his hands like this on his own. What a goofball.

We also took some family pictures since we were there.


^^^I really like how this picture turned out.

And here’s a couple of pictures of the whole gang-


And towards the end, Kenny was getting a bit wiggly. He saw a truck up on a shelf that was a photo prop. He kept on wanting to get down and play with it. (No surprise there. That kid and trucks/cars/trains. This last week he chased a kid all the way out of the library because the kid had two trains that he wanted to play with. Yes, the trains were the kid’s. He brought them from his own home. And yes, I bet it was a sight to see me waddle/run after my toddler who was screaming/crying while ripping through the library after the other innocent kid.)

Anyway, we kept on promising Kenny that he could play with the truck after we finished taking pictures. We got the truck down for him, and the photographer decided to snap a few pictures of him with the truck.


And the last photo of the day captured (my absolute favorite)-


^^^An unprompted smile of joy because he got to play with a truck.


So yesterday we got back from our trip to Utah! It was a lot of fun, and a more detailed post will come soon. I wanted to share a quick, funny story about Kenny, though.

We went up and visited Ken’s grandparents (Oma and Opa to Ken and GG and Popper to Kenny). One of the first things Kenny noticed upon walking in the house was the candy dish.

He ran over to it and started looking through it. Oma said that he could have some and that we should dump it out so that Kenny could see all the candy on the bottom to choose which piece he wanted.

Ken dumped it out, to which Kenny exclaimed, “Wahoooo!” and proceeded to grab a piece of candy and stuff it in his mouth (with the wrapper still on).

It was just so hilarious to hear him say wahooo (don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before. Not sure where he learned it.) and to get so excited over the candy.

We all got a good laugh out of it, so Kenny knew that it was funny when he said wahoooo, so he continued to say it for the rest of the night while looking at us out of the corner of his eye and giving us a sly smile. Silly boy.


Boom! (Ken’s requested post title)

You know, I think that if I had a million dollars I would still love to bargain shop. It’s one of my favorite things. I love walking away from the store and thinking “oh yeah. nailed it.” while pounding Ken’s hand and saying over and over “that was criminal” and “I can’t believe we got all of that for only x dollars!” for the rest of the day.

Well that happened yesterday. It was so good that I had to blog about it.

Ken’s favorite store (by far) is Kohl’s. In fact, he is often the one that suggests we stop by when we happen to drive by Kohl’s. And, of course, I am never one to turn down an opportunity to shop, so I usually oblige. Yesterday we “stopped by” because we had a $10 off coupon if we spent $25. We hit the clearance racks and did our thing.

This is what we came away with-


Five shirts for me (I wanted some more loose fitting shirts I could wear while pregnant) and two dress pants for Ken (which he needed as well). And guess what the total was?

$16.11– not a typo.

The shirts were about $2.40 each and the pants were about $6 each and then with the coupon we were able to get $10 off. We made out like bandits.

And we really did walk away giving each other fists bumps and high fives.

And then we went to Sam’s and only bought produce, milk, and cheese and spent more than twice as much. I guess it all evens out, right?