“Utah . . .”

“People working together . . . Utah! What a great place to be.” (Flashbacks to sophomore year in college when my roommates would sing the Utah state song at random times throughout the day. Miss it.)

Anyway, I promised a post about our trip to Utah.

To sum it up in one sentence- We had a great time! Despite Kenny never really changing over to Mountain Time (waking up at 5:00 am every day), we were able to get in some good extended family time.

We stayed with Ken’s parents, and Kenny loved spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa. He would ask them over and over (and over and over) to play “boo” with him (aka hide-and-go-seek where Kenny will hide but then come out after like 3 seconds of waiting), and they were patient enough to play with him. I will post some videos/photos of that in my Utah Part II post. (I really just don’t want to get up to go get the camera and my cell phone where the photos are so I’ll postpone that to another post.) (Yes, I am being lazy right now, but I’m also claiming the pregnancy card. I am big enough that it has gotten harder for me to get up and off the ground and that’s where I am sitting right now. On the ground.)

Anyway, onto pictures that already happen to be on the computer!

We went up to Ogden so that the boys could take their 4 Kens pictures. I think they turned out pretty well especially since we ended up waiting an hour past our appointment time to start taking pictures. Lots of candy and secret snacks were brought out to bribe Kenny to maintain a happy, good attitude.


^^^He posed his hands like this on his own. What a goofball.

We also took some family pictures since we were there.


^^^I really like how this picture turned out.

And here’s a couple of pictures of the whole gang-


And towards the end, Kenny was getting a bit wiggly. He saw a truck up on a shelf that was a photo prop. He kept on wanting to get down and play with it. (No surprise there. That kid and trucks/cars/trains. This last week he chased a kid all the way out of the library because the kid had two trains that he wanted to play with. Yes, the trains were the kid’s. He brought them from his own home. And yes, I bet it was a sight to see me waddle/run after my toddler who was screaming/crying while ripping through the library after the other innocent kid.)

Anyway, we kept on promising Kenny that he could play with the truck after we finished taking pictures. We got the truck down for him, and the photographer decided to snap a few pictures of him with the truck.


And the last photo of the day captured (my absolute favorite)-


^^^An unprompted smile of joy because he got to play with a truck.


One thought on ““Utah . . .”

  1. Oh my goshhhhhhhh. That last picture! He’s getting so big and has so much light colored hair! Also that picture with his hands up under his chin. So cute!!! Also the title and song reference. Well done. Brings back awesome memories haha. :)

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