26 Weeks


So for the record, this picture was taken literally 30 seconds before we ran out the door for church, and Kenny was screaming because he didn’t want to wear his church clothes, and we were running late, but I have really been meaning to take a picture of the baby bump for uhhhh like 6 weeks now, so this will do.

So what’s up with this pregnancy?

  • Tums are my best friend. I ate spicy curry the other day, and I swear that even the smell made me get heartburn. The curry was delicious, but boy did I regret the heartburn later.
  • The other day Kenny ran into a table and bumped his stomach and he started whimpering and then pointed to his tummy and sad sadly “baby, baby”.
  • My belly is officially in the way when I bend down.
  • It’s so much harder to keep track how far along I am this pregnancy than last time. Time is just flying by.
  • Baby boy is moving a lot! I love it. I want Kenny to be able to feel, but I don’t think it’s quite pronounced enough yet for Kenny to comprehend what is happening.
  • I have a lot of energy (knock on wood), and I’m loving this second trimester “high”.

So all is good in the Alford household, and we are really enjoying the thought of having two little ones soon! :)

One thought on “26 Weeks

  1. Christine says:

    Kenny and Cosette had something in common today – she was putting up a real fight about having to wear a dress for church, and we ended up running late.
    I’m glad you’re feeling so good, aside from the heartburn. My advice: use this extra energy to freeze a few meals. You’ll be glad you did.

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