Utah . . . Part II

As promised, here is my Utah Part II post. (Also, for the record, I am sitting on the couch this time, and it’s a lot more comfortable. I recommend it.)

While we were in Utah, Kenny got some good cousin time, and he loved it. But somehow I didn’t manage to take one picture of him playing with any of his cousins. Memory capturing fail. It was really fun to see him interact and enjoy playing with them, though!

We went to a fall festival with Suzanne’s family, and it was a lot of fun! Kenny had fun playing with his cousin Clara in the “duck pond”.


^^^Oh look! I did get one picture with a cousin. Too bad Clara wasn’t looking at the camera. I say this all the time, but I need to be better at taking pictures.

Kenny then wanted to go see the puppies, so we waited in line for the chance to pet the puppies. We waited in line forever (30 minutes), but it was definitely worth it. He loved it. A little black dog seemed to be Kenny’s favorite.



^^^Don’t let the sour face fool you. I think he was just upset that I made him stop and take a picture.


They also had a “photo booth” aka a background where you could dress up and take your own pictures if you had your camera. Both Kenny and I had masks on, but Kenny was looking at the mask and then ripped it right when the picture was taken. Oops. (Or as Kenny likes to say now “opps”.)


^^^At the duck pond with Grandpa.

Kenny loved to see and feed the ducks. We were feeding the ducks some food, but then Kenny got hungry, so I got a granola bar out for him. He was eating it, and then all of a sudden Kenny started yelling “bar” and running towards me. I looked up and saw a duck booking it the other direction with Kenny’s granola bar in its mouth. Apparently the duck stole the granola bar out of Kenny’s hand.

At the very end, we were getting ready to leave, and Kenny got really excited because he saw some “wa wa” or water. He splashed his hand down into it. Yeah, not water. Nasty duck poop. So fun to try to clean up.

271 274

^^^At the Bean Museum with Grandma. Kenny loved this. He loved looking at all the animals.

We also got to visit Ken’s grandpa, which was really nice. He passed away yesterday, so I’m glad we were able to visit him while we were in Utah.


And then to close out the post, here is a video of Kenny and Grandpa playing “boo”, which then turned into a game of “where’s Kenny”. It was close to Kenny’s bedtime, so Kenny was not as excited/silly as he was at times, but you’ll get the gist.

At the very end, Kenny ran over and started pointing to Grandma to have her play, too. He sure loves his grandparents.


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