21 Months

004 (2) 003

  • likes to say “no, me.” and do things himself.
  • loves the color blue.
  • has been doing so well playing by himself recently. (best update of this post. seriously. i was starting to get a bit worried about how he would do when I couldn’t play with him as much when the new baby comes. he is able to play by himself for long stretches of time. granted, we just got him “new to us” toys, so maybe that has helped, but it gives me hope!)
  • the other day we were in a hurry, so we ran out the door and Ken didn’t have shoes on. he was going to get his shoes that were in the car. we made it down the stairs, and then Kenny saw that Ken didn’t have shoes on so he said, “opps. dada. shoes.” and turned around to walk back inside to get shoes.
  • he loves to help out when he can. almost always when I tell him we are going to go outside, he will run and get my shoes for me (unprompted).
  • this last Tuesday he slept in his “big boy bed” for the first time for a nap, and then the next day he slept in his big bed for both of his naps and for bedtime. it was great. it’s basically the same as him sleeping in a crib. we told him that he needs to stay in his bed, and he listens! it’s amazing. hopefully this continues. (also, we found his bed at a garage sale for $15. steal of a deal! it’s a trundle bed and it had one mattress, a mattress pillow top, and a foam insert as well. love it.)
  • loves Elmo or as Kenny calls him “melmo”
  • has acted “bashful” at times when he gets a lot of attention from someone he isn’t too familiar with.
  • loves to try to make Ken and I laugh. the other day Kenny and I were eating lunch, and Kenny had something in his mouth. I was trying to give him something else to eat, but Kenny had stuff in his mouth, so he lifted his one finger up (to tell me to wait) and gave me a face to accompany it. I started cracking up because it was so funny. he now loves to lift up his finger at random times throughout the day to try to get me to laugh.
  • has entered into the “toddler sharing struggles”. we are currently working on that.
  • has started to transition down to one nap during the day
  • is starting to say words clearer and loves when we understand him


^^^wearing a hat like daddy

Can’t believe in just a few months this kid will be two! ahhh! :)

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