Hey look! It’s Mickey Mouse!

So here’s Kenny’s awesome Halloween outfit for this year. On the back of the ears, it says “Kenneth” because Ken wore them when he was a kid when his family went to Disney World. And the shirt is one of Kenny’s shirts that he regularly wears. As you can see, this costume was thrown together in seconds. A couple of days before Halloween, Ken and I were trying to brainstorm what Kenny could be, and Kenny happened to be wearing the Mickey Mouse shirt, so voila! Our creative juices started flowing. It was a real stretch. (True story.)

We actually did have a pretty cute idea planned to include the whole family (including little unborn baby), but that just didn’t happen this year.

My sister and I started up an Etsy shop a year ago, but I never really did anything about it. A couple of months ago, I started really getting into it. I made an Olaf Hat for kids and (surprisingly) people bought it! They were buying them so their kids could wear the hat for Halloween, so I was pretty busy sitting in a pile of yarn the few weeks leading up to Halloween, AKA no time to make Halloween costumes for my own family. (Irony?)

Anyway, it has been a lot of fun for me to make crafts, and I have really enjoyed it. You should check out the “store”- https://www.etsy.com/shop/CozyNooks

But back to Halloween. Kenny loved it and really caught on to the whole getting “nums” thing quickly. He was very good about saying “please”, but he has started this new thing of whispering “thanks” super soft which just turns into him saying “ksssss”. No one understands, and I’m not sure why he has started doing that.

At the end of the night (7:00?) we were trick-or-treating around our complex, and he  was loving it, but he was so tired! He was strapped into his stroller, with his head rested against the side, say “please”, give the candy to me so I could put it in his bag, and mumble “ksssss”, “num”, and “bye”. It was cute.

Anyway, I recommend trick-or-treating with kids. It was so fun to see how excited he got and how he understood that he was “Mickey Mouse” for the night.

I love being a mom.

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Tracey says:

    He made an adorable mickey! You’ve been doing such a good job with the etsy shop. I know I couldn’t have made that many hats in such a short amount of time.

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