Belly Update

It’s that time again! Pregnancy belly update.


Here I am at a few days over 37 weeks (!!!!!) Where has the time gone?!

  • I really think Kenny understands that he is getting a baby brother. He prays for baby, points to the crib and says “baby’s”, points to the empty seat next to him in the car and says “baby”. We will see how that translates, though.
  • Kenny felt Baby move the other day. He liked it, so randomly he will come up to me throughout the day, get close to my belly, and say “hi!” and then push on my belly and say “move! move!”
  • I am measuring smaller than average for my belly bump. My doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure Baby is developing properly, but then he decided against it. (Side note: I love my doctor! He is great. His name is Doctor Hearn and he keeps a little black book with him at all times of all of his┬ámommy due dates so he can keep track of them.)
  • My fingers and feet are swollen and achy (but mostly just my fingers). I can’t wear my real wedding ring anymore, so I am wearing one that makes my finger turn green. (Let me tell ya, high quality)
  • Still don’t have a middle name for Baby. Probably should start to narrow that down sometime soon.
  • Started to realize that in a few short weeks baby boy will be here! So excited! (And the house/stuff is completely unprepared. So much to do.)