The Nursing Entertainment Show

Oh hey, long time no write. Again, valid reasons for being busy (Ken’s new job, buying a house, moving in a few weeks, had a baby) but I’m going to try to write these posts even if I have to type it out “texting style” (letter by letter) on my phone in the middle of the night nursing Reed.

Also, I am skipping over some things I need to blog about (like Kenny’s birthday) but we’ll get there eventually. (Even if it is after we move and settle in in two months.)

So anyway, remember when Kenny was a newborn and it made me awake for all of Ken’s ridiculous sleep talking shenanigans because I was nursing in the middle of the night? Well he is up to it again!

Reed is going on five days old and I think I have a story to accompany each day. The one that just happened though-

Reed was fussing a bit because I was trying to get him awake to nurse. Ken suddenly sat up and starts “shhhhhing” frantically (the bookshelf, the wall, the pillow, and then the bassinet). He saw that Reed wasn’t in there, so he turns and looks at the nursing chair. He looks at the lamp and starts getting concerned about it not being in a straight line or something. He then starts awkwardly laughing and making silly “duh” faces at me, gives me the thumbs up, and lays back down like nothing happened.

Love the front row seat I have for the nursing entertainment show. I bet there will be a new episode coming out later tonight or at the very least premiering tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

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