Welcome Reed James!


So above is me when I was “supposed to” go into labor (Sunday, January 25). That’s when I told myself I was going to go into labor (2 days overdue), so this picture was taken before church and it was supposed to be the last picture of me pregnant.

‘Twas not the case.

It happened 4 days after that picture was taken (Thursday, January 29), so I was 6 days overdue.

^^^This picture was taken at about 3:20 ish the day Reed came right before we headed out the door to the hospital.

So quick synopsis-

I had a regular doctor’s appointment earlier that day. For about a week, I was very far along and my doctor thought I would go any day (the same thing happened with Kenny but I was overdue with him as well). Basically I was walking around for a week in what was considered “active labor” even though I wasn’t having consistent contractions. Anyway, so I went to my regular appointment, and my doctor said that I was so far progressed that he didn’t want to send me home because he thought I would have the baby in the car (even though I wasn’t having contractions . . . or at least I didn’t think I was). He sent me up to labor and delivery to be monitored for an hour to see if I was having contractions. Apparently I was having mild contractions, but I could feel them. He said that I could go home (which I was grateful for), but he told me once I started having consistent contractions or hard contractions to come back immediately and not wait.

So yeah, it came on quick. We got home from the appointment at 12:45ish, put Kenny down for a nap, chatted, went on a walk, came back to the house at 2:50, and Ken went to take a nap. At 3:00 I realized I was having a contraction, and then two minutes later I realized I was having another. This continued, so I got Ken up and off we went to the hospital!

We were admitted straight away at around 3:45 ish (no waiting around this time like with Kenny! glorious because that meant that I got the epidural pronto. not going to complain about that!) and then Reed came at 6:27 weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20.25 inches long. It was a fairly easy labor and delivery, which I was extremely grateful for.



^^^that’s my doctor on the right. love him! his name is Dr. Hearn.


^^^My love for Kenny didn’t get split in half to include Reed. My love has honestly grown more than I thought possible to include Reed.


^^^first family picture of four! :)


^^^big brother making himself comfortable at the hospital.

025 026 027

^^^It was a sunny (fairly warm) January day when we came home from the hospital.


^^^Picture with Grandma!

We couldn’t be more in love with this little munchkin or ours!


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