Kenneth Marcus Alford

019 (2)

Well my not-so-baby boy turned 2 a couple of weeks ago! I can’t believe how big he is (especially since little Reed is here now. Kenny looks HUGE compared to Reed and it confuses me how Kenny used to be that small and now his foot is as big as Reed’s forearm. How did that happen?!)

020 (2)

^^^Attempting to blow out the candles by himself. (Ken had to step in and help finish the job.)

Things Kenny has been up to lately:

  • Kid is opinionated. He knows what he wants and will voice it to let you know. Multiple people have mentioned this to me recently. I wonder if this will continue or if it is part of “the two’s”. I guess we will find out.
  • He went through a potty training stint about two months ago. He was on the ground crying because he wanted to use the toilet (and I was reluctant because I didn’t want to have a potty training toddler and a newborn at the same time.) I finally started working on it with him, and he was doing a great job (which totally surprised me), but then we went on a two week vacation, so it fizzled out. He will occasionally come up and tell me if he wants to use the toilet, but it is purely so he can get a “num” (treat) and not because he wants to regularly use the toilet.
  • He loves to say prayers and will typically get upset if he can’t be the one to say it. When he is praying for the food, and will go around to each thing on his plate and pray for it. If he doesn’t know how to say the word, he will just point to it and say “dis and dis”. My favorite is when he will pray for “nums” and then he will stop and get an “ooohhhhhh!” face on and say again excitedly “NUMS!” as if he just remembered that he is going to be able to eat a treat soon.
  • He has done so well at accepting and loving Reed. I was unsure whether he actually got it when we asked him where Reed was when I was pregnant, but it seems like he understood the whole time. He loves holding Reed, saying hi to him, and sharing his toys with him. When it is time for me to change Reed’s diaper, Kenny will crawl up on the changing table next to Reed and hold his hand (because Reed usually cries when I change his diaper). Also, Kenny hates when we hold his leg up when we change his diaper (he always says “ouch!”), and so when I was holding Reed’s leg up today, Kenny said “no, no!” and tried to push my hand away from Reed’s leg. It was really cute to see him so protective and loving towards his little brother.
  • He loves to be a goof ball. Every day he tries to make me laugh, and if he finds something that makes me laugh, he will do it over and over again. He is such a ham and loves to be silly.
  • It is surprising how much he comprehends and understands. The other day I was telling Ken how I listed a new baby crochet item on Etsy and I was explaining it to him. I then said that I put up another new item, but I couldn’t remember what it was (running on 3 hours of sleep will do that to ya). Kenny then pipped in, “Bunny! Bunny!” And he was right! That was the item that I put up that I couldn’t remember. Kenny “helped” me take the pictures to post online. I was very surprised that he was able to follow the conversation Ken and I were having, understand it, remembered what item I had posted, and voiced it. (Guess I need to start paying more attention to what we talk about in front of him.)

We love this little boy and couldn’t be prouder of who he is becoming. He is such a good big brother, son, friend, and child of God.


^^^Making himself comfortable watching fish at the Georgia Aquarium. (The Georgia Aquarium! Highly recommend it! It was amazing. We went there together as a family over Christmas break.)


^^^Last family picture of three. :)

013 (2)  007 (2)

^^^Kenny taking selfies of himself.

We love you to the moon and back, son! :)


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