So it finally happened! Reed smiled at me two days ago for the first time. 

Typically this is big exciting news for any baby, but this is extra exciting considering the problems Reed has been having. 

Reed has reflux , so his stomach is super sensitive. About 2 weeks ago it escalated so bad that he would scream through each nursing session and then not eat. It was terrible to see him in such pain, and it was really stressful that he wasn’t eating. I was worried that he would begin to associate nursing with pain and refuse to eat (even when we got this all sorted out). 

We put him on medicine 9 days ago, gave him a priesthood blessing 6 days ago, and said lots of prayers. And you know, it seems to have worked! (Hallelujah!) It really is so pitiful to see a baby so small in so much pain, but I am so grateful that we are starting to get this figured out! 

The doctor has me dairy free right now. (what?! So hard and makes me realize how much food has dairy in it.) (also, like I do every year I’m doing lent this year, and that is what I gave up for lent this year haha. Dairy. Not by my own choice, but I don’t think it is a cop out choice because hello! No chocolate=death)

So anyway, back to the point of the post! 

So two days ago he finished nursing, and then I started talking to him and he smiled at me! Such a big difference than the usual and expected screaming. And then I was able to get him to smile again and again and again! One time he smiled so big that a giggle almost escaped. 

It definitely made me a happy Mama. 


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