One Month


And there you have it. My baby is a month old. 

  • Big brother loves to call him “Reedy”
  • Reed loves to be swaddled
  • Because of his reflux, I was told to try to keep him upright for 30 minutes after he has eaten. I always just stick him in my Moby wrap carrier (lifesaver! I love this contraption!) so that he is completely upright. Little stinka will often wake up immediately when I transfer him to his bassinet from the Moby. I think the sudden quietness from lack of my heartbeat and whatnot startles him awake. It also doesn’t help that Kenny will sometimes get in his face and scream “wake! wake!”
  • He is the king of burps. He will burp around 10 times during/after eating. 
  • He developed a small little brown birth mark under his left eye. It’s adorable

We are so happy little mister is here and part of our family! It makes me so happy to see how well he is received by Kenny. I hope the two of them grow up friends and look out for one another. 

^hangin with Dad after a long day at work

^kind of a goofy pic of the both of them

^ready for his first day at church

Families are the best. 

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