Hello 7 hours!

Phew… It’s been a whirlwind around here lately. Moving, newborn, owning a house, Ken’s new job. And ken just got a new calling too. (Something we joked about trying to do since we have so many new big things going on.) 

I’m hoping to get back into a rythym of posting on here regularly. (One can hope.)

Anyway, point of post. 

Reed went 8 hours between feeding a last night aka sleep for me!!! Glorious glorious sleep! It felt great. (Even though I did wake up once or twice in the night because my body is so used to waking up.)

So here are some cute pictures of the little bug:




I never understood people’s obsession with wanting to pinch cheeks, but I get it now. I mean, look a his cheeks! I could kiss them all day. 

Love this little fella.

One thought on “Hello 7 hours!

  1. Tracey says:

    Ahh look at that face! I can’t believe I barely know what he looks like! Can’t wait to pinch those cheeks next weekend! ;)

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