Growth Spurt

So it looks like someone has been eating vegetables lately. I measured Kenny 2 days ago, and he has grown 1.5 inches in 3 months! Is that crazy or what? So all of those toddler tantrums I’m going to write off as growing pains… right? The terrible won’t morph into the terrible threes, right? Right?!

Funny side story that I can laugh at now since it has been a week-

At church last week we were sitting in the front section (soft seats!) In the middle (aka maximum visibility). Reed was sleeping in his carseat and everything was dandy. During the Sacrament, the time to be extra quiet and reverent, Kenny starts having a moment. I can’t even remember what it was about. Probably fruit snacks. Anyway, Ken picks him up to take him out, and Kenny starts kicking his legs as Ken lifts him up and over me, which ends up with me getting kicked in the face with Kenny’s big church shoes.  Ken then bumps the carseat as he is trying to take out a thrashing toddler, which wakes up. Reed starts crying (mind you, everything is fairly quiet besides my 2 screaming kids) so I grab the diaper bag to take Reed outside. As I grab my too big diaper bag, I knock the church hymnal shelf off of the back of the pew in front of me. Crash went the hymnals and wood shelf onto the ground upsetting Reed more. I frantically try to shove the shelf back into place, but the thing would not go on! Finally it snaps into place, and I made it out alive. Barely. ;)

So cheers for embarrassing church moments and growing toddlers! Happy Monday!



We celebrated Easter a week early since my family came down for Reed’s blessing day.

So here’s the day in pictures:


^^^Kenny had to take the picture with his crackers he was snacking on.045

^^^And after we convinced him to put the crackers down. :)031

^^^And the Easter egg hunt! For future reference, make sure you take the family picture before the basket is brought out and the eggs hid. Kenny was not happy about putting his basket down for the picture. Proof in a few pictures.

030  DSCN0459

^^^The entire family together :)


^^^And here Mr. Man is sans shoes and upset. (Also, I guess Kenny and Reed both saw something really interesting off to the right. An Easter egg perhaps?)


^^^And one last picture with Kenny and Papa looking for “birds” with his new Easter binoculars. :)

2 Months and Blessing Day

Look who turned 2 months 3 weeks ago!



I wanted to wait until he had his 2 month check up so I could really say how everything is (was) going.

He seems to be doing well! As an update on the reflux, we were doing great after a few minor bumps. He was nursing a lot (A LOT) better, and it seemed fairly normal.

Unfortunately we’ve regressed this week. He is back to screaming while nursing. His doctor recommended increasing his dosage of the medicine he is taking, so hopefully that does the trick.

But other than that, he really is a dream! He sleeps from 10 at night to 6 or 7 in the morning (hallelujah! I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this will continue because I know it is typical for them to go through a growth spurt at 3 months . . . but let’s not kid ourselves. my hopes are up. real up.)

He is also such a smiley, happy baby. I love how sometimes when he is crying, I will walk over to look at him, and he will look me in the eye, stop crying, and just break out into an enormous grin. It just melts my heart.

And his snuggles! I love it. If I could just wrap him up and keep him this size forever, I would. I just love snuggling this little one.


Here Reed is on his blessing day! My family came down for the special day, and here my mom is with the baby blessing outfit she crocheted for him. It was so cute! I wish I had taken a more up close shot of the outfit. It is adorable!


Reed is named after my Dad, David Reed Manning. Here they are together.


And here Reed is, again, in his special blessing outfit with his cousins.

His blessing day was a very nice day. Unfortunately the microphone wasn’t turned on for the blessing so I couldn’t quite hear it, but Ken wrote down what he could remember. And, of course, Reed had a blow-out during Sunday School while Ken was teaching. Everyone heard it, and it got all over the onesie I made with his name stitched on it, but thankfully it didn’t get on the white crocheted outfit.

Anyway, we love this little boy so much! Kenny is so good at being gentle and kind to “Reedy”. He is always looking out for him and concerned for his well being. The other day we were making cookies and Reed was sleeping, but Kenny didn’t want Reed to miss out on the fun so he kept on yelling down the hallway, “Reedy! Cookies!!!”


P.S. He officially rolls over. He did it about a week ago while on our bed and then he did it again tonight while on the ground. Please slow down time.

Guess Who?

Let’s play a little game called guess who!

IMG_0903 027

Which one is Kenny and which one is Reed?


Which one is Kenny and which one is Reed?

130 038 

Which one is Kenny and which one is Reed?


Which one is Kenny and which one is Reed?

Depending on how you are viewing it (phone vs. computer) Kenny is always on the left or the first picture shown. 

You can definitely tell they are brothers, but I can see the differences. Their noses, ears, and face shapes look different to me. We are thinking that Reed looks more like Ken. 

Well, we’ve got to get ready for Reed’s 2 month check up. Wish us luck! blog post to come. 

Happy Thursday!


I found this picture on my Mom’s phone, so I just had to post it because let’s be real- I never print out pictures anymore so if I don’t put a picture on the blog to be put in our yearly blog book, it will never get off my computer.

I just loved finding this picture, though! Typically when Kenny takes a picture, it is hard to get him to do his actual smile. He will typically ham it up so we get a super cheesy overdone smile. Don’t get me wrong . . . those are nice too, but I just thought this picture was so precious. It was able to capture his true smile, which I love to see.

So Happy Thursday!

The Nursery

Posts to come (hopefully this weekend), but I just wanted to document that baby boy slept in his own room last night.    


To say I wasn’t nervous about it would be a fat ole’ lie, but he did great! I just woke him up after 9 hours between feedings. 

Also, I used my first ever baby monitor last night. With Kenny, our apartment was small enough that I felt like I didn’t need one because I could hear him well enough. But our friends were kind enough to get us this monitor, and it seems to work great! I would know because I have serious trust issues with technology sometimes, so I woke up quite a few times last night just to make sure the monitor was still on and functioning. Stayed on the whole night. :)

Anyway, here’s a cute pic of the babe sleeping to close out the post-