Growth Spurt

So it looks like someone has been eating vegetables lately. I measured Kenny 2 days ago, and he has grown 1.5 inches in 3 months! Is that crazy or what? So all of those toddler tantrums I’m going to write off as growing pains… right? The terrible won’t morph into the terrible threes, right? Right?!

Funny side story that I can laugh at now since it has been a week-

At church last week we were sitting in the front section (soft seats!) In the middle (aka maximum visibility). Reed was sleeping in his carseat and everything was dandy. During the Sacrament, the time to be extra quiet and reverent, Kenny starts having a moment. I can’t even remember what it was about. Probably fruit snacks. Anyway, Ken picks him up to take him out, and Kenny starts kicking his legs as Ken lifts him up and over me, which ends up with me getting kicked in the face with Kenny’s big church shoes.  Ken then bumps the carseat as he is trying to take out a thrashing toddler, which wakes up. Reed starts crying (mind you, everything is fairly quiet besides my 2 screaming kids) so I grab the diaper bag to take Reed outside. As I grab my too big diaper bag, I knock the church hymnal shelf off of the back of the pew in front of me. Crash went the hymnals and wood shelf onto the ground upsetting Reed more. I frantically try to shove the shelf back into place, but the thing would not go on! Finally it snaps into place, and I made it out alive. Barely. ;)

So cheers for embarrassing church moments and growing toddlers! Happy Monday!


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