3 Months

024 (2)

Baby boy… Baby boy. Haven’t I told you that you can’t grow up anymore? Stop!

3 months. So short but it seems like forever ago because I can’t imagine life without Reed now.

He is such a joy. Truly he is. He is so patient when I need to take care of other things (read: take care of Kenny). He does so well “playing” by himself on the ground or in his swing. When Kenny was this age, he would hardly let you put him down to play unless you were sitting right next to him. And Kenny would cry if anyone besides Ken or I held him at this age. Reed is fairly chill in these regards.

While I was taking pictures of Reedy, Kenny said, “picture, me!” and I looked over and this is how I found him-

030 (2)

Apparently he just turned 7 months. ;)

2 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. Tracey says:

    I think I got my “chill” child first and you got your’s second. Not sure which one I would prefer…I guess it’s better than having two “non-chill” children haha.

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