6 Months

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^^^It’s hard to just choose one. I love them all!

  • We have a scooter… no Stacy. Not a razor scooter, though that would be equally cool. Baby Reed has been scooting around for about a month now, and he is loving being able to get around. He wants to play with Kenny so bad. (Update: Today he is getting up on his knees, rocking back and forth, and pushing with his feet. He is so close to crawling. I think that may happen soon.)
  • Is almost able to sit up on his own completely. I’m still not quite confident leaving him alone when he is doing it, but he will balance sitting up for 90 seconds or so (or until he gets so excited that he kicks his feet hard and falls over), and he does the “tripod” sitting by himself.
  • Is eating solids now. (We started giving him them probably 3 weeks ago). The first thing we gave him was a watermelon to suck on, which he loved. The first real feeding we did with him was sweet potatoes.


  • Unfortunately, he now wakes up at least once every night… but it is way better than him not napping during the day. He usually naps twice a day, but sometimes three times if they are short naps… aka if Kenny wakes him up early ;)
  • Is still having silent GERD issues. His pediatrician said that most babies outgrow it by this stage, but he still hasn’t. We are going to try taking him off of his medicine again at 9 months. (But right now he is still in the limbo of upping his dosage of medicine and that hasn’t quite kicked in yet, so nursing has been a challenge this last week. This happens every two months or so when he needs a higher dosage, and every time it kicks my butt. He goes on a nursing strike because his tummy hurts so bad. It’s really hard to see him hurt so much. I hope he outgrows it soon.)
  • Similarly, he is a very distracted eater now. We’re talking pitched black room, silence. It’s hard to occupy Kenny whenever it is time to feed Reed. This last week we introduced Kenny to his special “nursing toys” that he can play with when it is time for Reed to eat. The toys are Ken’s old legos, which make a perfect excuse to say that they are only for when Reed eats… “Reed could choke on the legos, so while I’m feeding him, go play with your ‘special toys!'” We’ll see how long this holds Kenny’s attention.
  • Is such a curious little boy. Loves to be down on the ground to wiggle and squirm around. We’ll see how long this lasts as well. I think he may be entering the phase of getting sad when I leave the room.


^^^Going through some of Reed’s clothes. I forgot how quickly I need to rotate clothes with a baby.

IMG_20150703_1027426_rewind (2)

We love our little “Reedy”, and are so happy he is a part of our family.

P.S. A note about Kenny- he is 90% of the time potty trained now. Hopefully he continues forward and doesn’t regress too much. That would make our wallets happy! ;)




So Kenny has been speaking in sentences for a while now, so I’ve started compiling some of his funny “Kennyisms”.

If I ask Kenny to do something, Kenny will sometimes say, “puh… Puh…. Puh… Puh-lease.” Not in a sort of way to give me sass but more of that he thinks that is what you’re supposed to say in that situation.

Similarly, a few times lately I have asked Kenny to do something, and he hasn’t listened. (Crazy, right?) When I get tired of asking, typically I’ll say something like “okay Kenny, I’m serious. You need to get in your car seat now.” To which he will reply with, “Mom! It is called patience. You need to get some.”

We were driving in the car and it was completely silent and all of a sudden Kenny says, “Mom, then what happened?” I said, I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Then he said, “me don’t know either, mom.” Ha, happens to me all the time, kid.

Kenny loves the song “Follow the Prophet”. He loves to march around and make it into a “follow the leader” game. My favorite is when he sings the song though- “Follow the prophet. Follow the prophet. Don’t go stray. Follow the prophet. Follow the prophet. Go that way!”

Me: Kenny make sure you eat the skin of your apple so you can get the nutrients. Kenny: “treats?!” (He thought I said treat when I said nutrients) me: no, nutrients. It’s where all the vitamins are for you to grow big and strong. Kenny: *looks at the skin closely* “me no see them!”


^Completely candid during a Friday “Family Movie Night”… which Kenny gets confused with Family Home Evening every Monday. This is how it goes down every Monday. “Kenny, it’s Family Home Evening. Let’s go do it!” Kenny- “Movie!!!?!! Popcorn?” Us- “No, that Family Movie Night, not Family Home Evening.”

IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302

^As I was looking through pictures, I came across these. This is when Kenny was sick (probably like 3 months ago). It was the weirdest thing seeing him so calm. He sat on the couch all day. It was really quite sad… and also eerily quiet.


We love this silly boy.