7 Months




^^^And we can’t forget about Kenny turning 9 months too, right? ;)

  • Reed can sit up on his own now.
  • He cut his first tooth about 4 weeks ago. It was his canine on his right side. Just today I noticed that he also has his two front bottom teeth as well. Poor little guy.
  • Because of that, he frequently gets up twice a night. (insert sleepy face emoji here)
  • Now realizes when strangers hold him and/or look at him. My British friend came over the other day, and she kept on trying to talk to him, and every time she did, he would cry. Silly boy.
  • Likes to “chase” Kenny by scooting after him quickly. Sometimes big brother is nice and goes slow so that Reed can catch him.


  • Loves his Uncle Jake (who is now living with us for the time being)


  • Gets so super excited when we give him his medicine. He flaps his arms and kicks his legs immediately once he realizes it is medicine time.
  • Loves pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes, and tolerates squash. Does not like peas. At all. He gags and makes terribly funny faces.
  • Sat up in a cart for the first time a few weeks ago.


  • Sat in a sit up swing for the first time (yes, I couldn’t believe he hadn’t either)


We love him so much!