8 Months

Wow, I am getting pretty bad at posting these super late. Reed was actually born on January 29… but I have been posting these consistently 2 weeks late. So don’t get confused.


Anyway, Reed. 8 Months. Adorable. Loveable. Kind. Patient. Happy. He’s just the perfect addition to our family. He has been such a joy these last 8 months.

What he’s currently up to:

  • Has learned to make a “kkkkkk” sound in the back of his throat, so he has been loving this. He will do it to make me laugh, and then we do it back and forth whilst giggling. (Look at that vocab word)
  • Thinks he can stand/walk like Kenny. Tries so hard to do it, but he still has a long way. He is basically cruising along the couch now, but I still don’t completely trust him to do it all by himself.
  • He gets angry is you set him down so that he has to sit rather than stand. He will lock his legs and try his hardest to continue standing.
  • LOVES food. (Child after my own heart) But really. This kid. If he sees anyone eating anything, he will constantly whine until he gets something.
  • He is currently loving puffs, teething biscuits, beans, apples, carrots, strawberries, bananas, and pureed baby food. Not a fan of eggs or pureed peas, though.
  • Can move from a sitting position to a scooting position and vice versa.
  • Still is so close to crawling, but still hasn’t really done it. (at times it has looked like he has done it a bit, but he still hasn’t done the traditional crawl)
  • Loves to play “hide under the crib bed skirt”. Him and Kenny will scoot under the crib, wait for me to say “where’s Kenny and Reed?”, and then pop out. So fun!
  • Is starting to understand direction. Will give a kiss if you ask and will come if you ask him. He also understands words too. (like medicine haha. Last month I said that he gets excited if he sees his medicine… but now even if you say the word medicine, he gets super excited!)
  • Signs “more” occasionally. It is a spastic motion with his arms coming together quickly.

^^^first bath together! Reed loves baths (prob more than Kenny even)
^^^he still will occasionally go into the Moby if he is being fussy and I need to make dinner.
^^^Daddy time!
^^^we got a bike trailer/jogger for the kids. Reed likes sitting next to Kenny… And Kenny likes when I bribe him with popsicles.

We love baby boy and want time to freeze!


One thought on “8 Months

  1. Love his big eyes!! Also, love love LOVE the pic of him when you’re taking a sexy selfie in the bathroom mirror. And of courrrrrse I love the shirt he’s wearing in the pic where Ken is holding him ;)

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