Halloween 2015- Harry Potter Style

Last year for Christmas, Ken got me all 8 Harry Potter movies. We then binged watched them, and it was awesome. Kenny even liked watching them (and we fast forwarded through the less-than-toddler-friendly parts.)

Ever since then, Kenny has been saying that he wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween. And he actually stuck with it for basically the whole year. (Until a week before Halloween he said that he wanted to be an alien because we got a book from the library about a monkey who dressed up as an alien for Halloween… there was no way he was going to change that close to Halloween, though. And he did decide to be Harry Potter again. Phew.)

So Kenny was Harry Potter for Halloween, and Reed was Dobby, the house elf.


Harry Potter and Dobby


Harry Potter terrorizing Dobby. Dobby’s used to it, right?


Harry Potter giving some advice to Dobby

Ken and I decided last minute to dress up, too. Ken went as Mad-Eye Moody, and I went as a golden snitch.


Kenny was less than happy that we made him pose for a picture rather than go get candy.

It was a lot of fun to go trick-or-treating with the boys. We just stayed in our small little neighborhood.


I couldn’t believe this “lazy man trick-or-treating”. There was a line of cars that was backed up way past the picture. I understand some of the reasons why this would need to happen, and I am sympathetical towards those exceptions . . . but I think it is fun to walk around the neighborhood and trick-or-treat. Call me old fashioned.

There was a house Kenny went up to that had a few teenage boys handing out candy. They saw “Harry Potter coming!” and so each of them grabbed a huge handful of candy and dumped it into Kenny’s bucket. Kenny was loving it.

So Halloween 2015 was a success! Kenny has already decided what he wants to be next year . . . and it has to do with a mutated squirrel. Hopefully I can talk him out of that lol.

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