10 & 11 Months



^^^You can see the lion I was using to get him smile.

And our 11 month pictures. The sticker mysteriously disappeared, though.


^^^An honest after-church picture. One sock missing, no shoes, and ready for a nap.


^^^We got this bow tie/suspender set for his birthday (this month!), but I couldn’t wait, so he wore it today. :)

  • Loves to cock his head to the side and smile whenever a stranger acknowledges him.


^^^Like this.

  • Started crawling before the 10 month mark
  • Has started to throw himself on the ground if he doesn’t get what he wants
  • Is interested in climbing stairs. All. The. Time.
  • Has 5 teeth
  • Has mastered cruising along the couch now. Isn’t as interested in standing/walking as he used to be because he can now crawl fast.
  • Will crawl over to me with a book, put it on my lap, and wait for me to read it to him. (Melts my heart)


  • Likes to copy sounds others make. He likes to “scream” back and forth with Kenny. (In a non-upset way).
  • Enjoys growling.
  • Has a bad tendency to come up and bite you. Ouch! Hoping he grows out of this soon.
  • Loves to crawl under the crib skirt and hide. He waits for you to say, “Where’s Reed?” And then he will pop out and do it again and again. Kenny will often join in if he is around.



  • Has started “putting things back”, so he enjoys pulling out all the diapers from the basket, and then “putting them back”. He also enjoys lids


^^^As seen in this picture. Reed played with the lid of the corn starch and managed to get it open. Little one started it, but big one finished it.

Love this little fella and can’t believe he is almost 1!


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