Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We sure did around our parts.


We got some family pictures done in our holiday attire, and I love how they turned out. Reed’s face and hands are priceless!


A kind friend gave Kenny and Reed a toy called “GeoTracks”. I had never heard of it before. She warned me that there were a lot and kept asking if we had room for them. I kept assuring her we did… until I saw how many lol. Four garbages bags full of train tracks, buildings, and trains. My kids are spoiled by the niceness of others.

And I would be lying if I didn’t mention how much Ken and my brother Jake enjoys them, too. Every night for the last few days after the kids are asleep, Jake has added to the train city. It has been a lot of fun.


And Christmas day was unusually warm (70 degrees!), so it was hard for me to comprehend that it was actually Christmas. Yesterday was the first day this season that it was cold, so I broke out the moose hats. (And don’t judge that I own a crochet hat business and give my kids store-bought hats… stores seem to not just sell mittens, so in trying to buy mittens, I had to get hats, too.)

One thought on “Merry Christmas!


    P.S. Kenny is looking like such a big boy in that moose hat picture!

    Also double P.S. Only a little more than two months until you come to visit!!!!!!

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