Nanny and Papa Visit

A few weeks ago Nanny and Papa (my parents) visited. It was such a treat! Kenny asks all the time now when Nanny and Papa are going to come back… and I have to agree. When are you? ;)

For a Christmas present, I took my mom horse back riding. She mentioned to me one time that she really missed riding horses (bc she grew up on a farm), and so we took the boys out while she was down here to introduce them to horses!


My mom is such a pro. The owner was trying to get a feel for how well she could ride horses, and after a few minutes he turned to me and said that my mom was great. I have to agree.


The boys also loved being on the horse. (Especially Kenny after he overcame his initial nervousness.)

We also celebrated the boys’ birthdays by going to Chuck-E-Cheese because Kenny is LOVING coin machines, so we thought he would really love going there. (And we were right!) He loves to do his chores (sort the clean silverware) to save money to go get candy from the machines. He gets 3 pennies each time he sorts the silverware and 1 penny for his tithing.

Anyway, Chuck-E-Cheese:

(Sorry I don’t have many pictures of Kenny because I stayed with Reed for a lot of it)



^^^Can you guess that he loved being able to climb the stairs as much as he wanted?


^^^Staring at all the games and a bit overwhelmed by all the noise.


^^^And here’s some of the things the boys got for all of their hard work. ;)

We loved having Nanny and Papa down here with us. Come back soon!


Kennyisms Part 2

Kenny is speaking full, cohesive sentences now and can easily hold a conversation. The other day the sister missionaries were over, and Kenny said, “So… how was your day?” A completely normal question to ask, but it is so weird to hear it come from a toddler.

Anyway, here are some of the funny ones from the last little bit:

  • “Nana, I can’t understand you. My mouth is full.”
  • Nana said to Kenny, “Do you know you have a good Mommy and Daddy?” To which Kenny said, “I have a good mama, but daddy messes up with me.” (Had to memorialize this one because it is no secret that Kenny likes to play with daddy more than mommy.)
  • We were driving in the car, and the sun started shining in Kenny’s eyes. Upset, he said to me, “Mama! The sun is making me shy!” (Because he had to hide his face from the brightness of the sun… so since he was hiding his face, he was “shy”.)
  • Driving to the store. Kenny: “Oh shoot! We forgot my quarter to buy doughnuts!” (So funny/weird to hear a two-year-old (at the time) say ‘Oh shoot’. Plus, doughnuts? You were planning on this?)
  • The nursery teacher told me that Kenny was playing with playdough and he told her that he was making cookies. She asked if she could have one to eat, to which he said, “no, they’re not burnt yet.” … thanks, kid. I don’t burn them all the time.


A completely unrelated picture, but it has been so fun the last few days to be able to play outside, so I had to find an excuse to include it.

Never again…

So in August I had the bright idea to try my hand at a furniture project. Sounds like a good idea. Why I decided to start with a 6-piece set, I still don’t know. Took me 4 months to complete, but I finally did it! Wooohoooo.

So here are the before pictures:


As you can see, someone taped one of the dressers shut, and it ripped the laminate off the face of the drawers, so I got a pretty good deal on the furniture. (Also, don’t ever try to paint furniture that is laminate. Ever. Ever. Ever.)

So there was a headboard, 2 nightstands, a tall dresser, and a long dresser with a mirror.

Here is the after:




I am very happy with how it turned out, and I love how it looks in our room. I just need to get new lamps and curtains for our room, and then it will be complete. (Finally one room in the house complete… yes we’ve lived in the house for a year now.)

Snow Day! South Carolina Style


The other day we had a “snow day”. And yes, in true southern style, all of the bread, milk, and eggs were gone from grocery stores.


To say Kenny was excited would be an understatement.


Reed, however, was over it in 10 minutes. (And to be completely honest, I was okay with that, too. I’ll admit it. I am converted to the southern weather, and I’m a baby when it comes to the cold now.)

(Also, yes those are socks on Reed’s hands…)


Do you see the play set in the above picture? It was a gift to me to the kids using some of the etsy money. Best money we’ve ever spent.

And here’s our beautiful “snow man”. He had crazy hair, hence the crazy sticks.


And a picture of Reed doing what he does best these days- breaking away to climb stairs. One track mind, this kid.


Happy snowpocalypse 2016!

One Year!


One year. One year! Sigh.

  • Pulling himself up and standing by himself


  • stairs! loves climbing stairs and makes it his mission every day to climb them.
  • luckily, he has learned how to climb down the stairs now, too. he would try to go head first down the stairs, but he has finally learned to turn around.
  • is completely weaned and loves his milk from a sippy
  • isn’t very fond of snow.
  • waves goodbye
  • loves to mimic sounds we make. if you call out, “hey jake!”, Reed will make the same pitch and cadence. it’s adorable.
  • he can say mama, dada, tickle, and he has his own word for “bye”.
  • can stand fairly well on his own now. just today he mastered standing while dancing.
  • loves music. instantly calms him down.
  • has started to get a little clingy to me. he has been pitching a fit recently if anyone but me puts him down for bed at night.
  • 20160130_10093420160130_101132

    He loved his cake, but I was surprised he didn’t smash into it more. These pictures are still when he was clean. I should’ve taken pictures of the aftermath, though.

Anyway, we love this sweet, loving, little boy. I can’t imagine life without him. He is so funny and tries to look for ways to make us laugh. He is quick to smile, and is such a cheerful, fun little boy. He is fairly mild mannered, and a good sleeper and eater. We love him so very much!

Reedy… Older… Hike… Rocks… Fishes

And again. Apparently this has been sitting in my draft folder for a LONG time. These pictures were from when 7/11 was having some sort of sale where any cup size was a good price. Can’t remember what it was though. Cheap.

As you can see, Ken took full advantage and grabbed the biggest tupperware container he could find. An ice cream container.


We then went for a hike up. Can’t really remember too many details. Sorry guys. I know, super interesting blog post.

Anyway, here are some pics!


005 (2)



^^^Abandoned train tunnel.