One Year!


One year. One year! Sigh.

  • Pulling himself up and standing by himself


  • stairs! loves climbing stairs and makes it his mission every day to climb them.
  • luckily, he has learned how to climb down the stairs now, too. he would try to go head first down the stairs, but he has finally learned to turn around.
  • is completely weaned and loves his milk from a sippy
  • isn’t very fond of snow.
  • waves goodbye
  • loves to mimic sounds we make. if you call out, “hey jake!”, Reed will make the same pitch and cadence. it’s adorable.
  • he can say mama, dada, tickle, and he has his own word for “bye”.
  • can stand fairly well on his own now. just today he mastered standing while dancing.
  • loves music. instantly calms him down.
  • has started to get a little clingy to me. he has been pitching a fit recently if anyone but me puts him down for bed at night.
  • 20160130_10093420160130_101132

    He loved his cake, but I was surprised he didn’t smash into it more. These pictures are still when he was clean. I should’ve taken pictures of the aftermath, though.

Anyway, we love this sweet, loving, little boy. I can’t imagine life without him. He is so funny and tries to look for ways to make us laugh. He is quick to smile, and is such a cheerful, fun little boy. He is fairly mild mannered, and a good sleeper and eater. We love him so very much!

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