Snow Day! South Carolina Style


The other day we had a “snow day”. And yes, in true southern style, all of the bread, milk, and eggs were gone from grocery stores.


To say Kenny was excited would be an understatement.


Reed, however, was over it in 10 minutes. (And to be completely honest, I was okay with that, too. I’ll admit it. I am converted to the southern weather, and I’m a baby when it comes to the cold now.)

(Also, yes those are socks on Reed’s hands…)


Do you see the play set in the above picture? It was a gift to me to the kids using some of the etsy money. Best money we’ve ever spent.

And here’s our beautiful “snow man”. He had crazy hair, hence the crazy sticks.


And a picture of Reed doing what he does best these days- breaking away to climb stairs. One track mind, this kid.


Happy snowpocalypse 2016!


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