Kenny Update

I realized that I forgot one of Kenny’s sabotage tactics that happened a couple of weeks ago (Future Kenny: and I wasn’t going to document it for future embarrassing stories, but I just underwent an epic 2 hour battle with you today over sleep. You can thank your 3-year-old self when I tell this at your wedding).

Typically during lunch time, I fix the kids’ food, and then make mine while they’re eating theirs. By the time they finish, I usually have just sat down to eat. So typically they go upstairs to the play room and play. Then they come downstairs, and we do nap time. One day after nap time, we went upstairs and found this-


As you can see, Kenny hit the heat button, so it got up to 98 degrees upstairs. (This was after I changed the “system” back to cool.)

Thankfully, this happened the day in between the appraisal and the inspection and not on the day that either of those happened. Phew.

Again, sure felt like sabotage.


18 Month Update

So, you got me. Reed is actually just turning 17 months, but hey… he spent his first day in nursery today and that’s the biggest milestone of 18 months anyway, right? (He spent his first day in nursery today to help “transition him”.) Also, next month we will be in the midst of moving, so I know that this blog post won’t happen.

Oh and hey, we’re moving. Not very far. Just 45 minutes up north. We will be changing wards, though. But we will still be in the same stake, which is good news. Everyone in our current ward is upset with Ken that we are moving. It is the running joke that the bishop and YW president is going to sabotage the move so that we end up having to stay. I love that Ken gets the blame for the move, though. Better him than me. ;)

Speaking of sabotage, I feel like I need to document what Kenny did within the last 3 months. I think he was in cahoots with the Bishop and YW president because it truly felt like he was trying to sabotage the move (or do everything he could to make me go insane so that we needed to stay in our current home).

This was in the midst of when Ken had to do his 6 week training in Alabama (plus one week in Japan), so I was by myself with the boys. I think it was Kenny’s way of “acting out” and expressing his dislike with his dad being gone for so long. Here is the list: (to be used for future embarrassing stories such as his wedding speech.)

  1. He was playing at the church with friends while I was helping with a YW activity. Snuck outside. Ate snake berries from the bush. Had to call poison control and monitor symptoms for the rest of the day.
  2. (Very next day) Locked Reed, himself, and me in the bedroom on the second floor. (Who knew that the lock was on the outside of the door?! why?!) Had to call friend to drive over, break into the house, and unlock the door for us.
  3. (4 days after previous incident) Managed to sneak into the cupboard, grab the “kid-proof” jar of vitamins, hide upstairs, and eat who knows how many vitamins. (20? at least). Had to call poison control and monitor symptoms again. Poison control is now in saved contacts.

As we were doing projects and prepping to list the house for sale, the following occurred (mind you, still within small time frame):

  1. Took 10 oz. water bottle filled with cherry kool-aid and proceeded to paint his carpet with the red devil drink. (Seriously. Not just a spill in one area. Squirts all over the room.) I did not see it for 3 hours (we had left the house), so it soaked, set, and completely stained his white/cream carpet. Scrubbed it for 5 hours. Still red designs throughout carpet.


^^^Does not show full extent. Cannot muster strength to find better pictures and relive the terribleness again.

2. Left hose on for undetermined amount of time. At least 48 hours. Soaked crawl space.

3. Broke bookshelf (?), crashed it into the wall, damaged wall.


Hopefully these little… surprises diminish a bit. Nothing like this has happened for a while now and hopefully it stays that way. (knock on wood)

And since this post has nothing to do with Reed, we will end with pictures of Kenny, and I will write another post just for little Mr. Reed.


^^^For a while there, it seemed like this was the only time he wasn’t getting into trouble. ;)


^^^Managed to find all of these worms after a rainstorm. Came running inside with this handful and said, “Mom! Look what I found!” After shoving them in my face.


^^^And wearing his dad’s boots.


^^^Completed his swim lessons. Very proud that he overcame some of his fears around the water.

Oh, and a sweet note to end on about Kenny. Kenny decided that he wanted to bear his testimony last week. So we talked about it during Family Home Evening. He then said he wanted to bear his testimony in nursery. So today in nursery, during snack time, he stood up and said, “I know that Jesus loves me. And I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Love this little mischievous handful. Witnessing sweet moments like this definitely makes it all worth it.

Kennyisms Part 2

Kenny is speaking full, cohesive sentences now and can easily hold a conversation. The other day the sister missionaries were over, and Kenny said, “So… how was your day?” A completely normal question to ask, but it is so weird to hear it come from a toddler.

Anyway, here are some of the funny ones from the last little bit:

  • “Nana, I can’t understand you. My mouth is full.”
  • Nana said to Kenny, “Do you know you have a good Mommy and Daddy?” To which Kenny said, “I have a good mama, but daddy messes up with me.” (Had to memorialize this one because it is no secret that Kenny likes to play with daddy more than mommy.)
  • We were driving in the car, and the sun started shining in Kenny’s eyes. Upset, he said to me, “Mama! The sun is making me shy!” (Because he had to hide his face from the brightness of the sun… so since he was hiding his face, he was “shy”.)
  • Driving to the store. Kenny: “Oh shoot! We forgot my quarter to buy doughnuts!” (So funny/weird to hear a two-year-old (at the time) say ‘Oh shoot’. Plus, doughnuts? You were planning on this?)
  • The nursery teacher told me that Kenny was playing with playdough and he told her that he was making cookies. She asked if she could have one to eat, to which he said, “no, they’re not burnt yet.” … thanks, kid. I don’t burn them all the time.


A completely unrelated picture, but it has been so fun the last few days to be able to play outside, so I had to find an excuse to include it.

The Nursing Entertainment Show

Oh hey, long time no write. Again, valid reasons for being busy (Ken’s new job, buying a house, moving in a few weeks, had a baby) but I’m going to try to write these posts even if I have to type it out “texting style” (letter by letter) on my phone in the middle of the night nursing Reed.

Also, I am skipping over some things I need to blog about (like Kenny’s birthday) but we’ll get there eventually. (Even if it is after we move and settle in in two months.)

So anyway, remember when Kenny was a newborn and it made me awake for all of Ken’s ridiculous sleep talking shenanigans because I was nursing in the middle of the night? Well he is up to it again!

Reed is going on five days old and I think I have a story to accompany each day. The one that just happened though-

Reed was fussing a bit because I was trying to get him awake to nurse. Ken suddenly sat up and starts “shhhhhing” frantically (the bookshelf, the wall, the pillow, and then the bassinet). He saw that Reed wasn’t in there, so he turns and looks at the nursing chair. He looks at the lamp and starts getting concerned about it not being in a straight line or something. He then starts awkwardly laughing and making silly “duh” faces at me, gives me the thumbs up, and lays back down like nothing happened.

Love the front row seat I have for the nursing entertainment show. I bet there will be a new episode coming out later tonight or at the very least premiering tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Santa 2014

Kenny got to see Santa again this year at our church’s Christmas party! He was so excited about it until it was time to sit on his lap.


A small (very small) improvement from last year because last year he wouldn’t even let Santa touch him. :)


Cincinnati Christmas 2014

You know when you write a huge long paper only to have your computer blank out right when you finish it so you have to write it over again?

That just happened (but on a smaller scale) with this blog post. I am still scowling as I am writing this (wordpress claims that they have an autosave feature every 2 minutes. Lies.) Feel lucky that I decided to write this again.

Anyway, after Gatlinburg, we traveled on up to Cincinnati to do Christmas a bit early with my family. Kenny was very excited that he was able to see and play with Marli again.

Like I said in the previous post, when these two get together they are so mischievous! Lots of stories to share, but here are a few:

One day we were over at my parents’ house, and Marli and Kenny were playing upstairs. We heard loud laughter, but we didn’t think much of it. After a while, we decided to go check and see what was so funny.

They had dumped out a huge box of Reese’s Pieces all over the ground and were going to town stuffing their faces! We asked them to help clean it up, and Marli started picking them up and putting them back into the box. Kenny, however, grabbed two huge handfuls and ran from the room so he could stuff it into his mouth. While Marli and I were distracted cleaning up the mess, Kenny found a sucker, unwrapped it, and started munching down on it as well.

Another time we were all at Tracey and Jacob’s new house and the kids were downstairs playing in the toy room. We started hearing hysterical laughter as well as “wa wa!” (or water) so we decided to go check on them. Tracey went downstairs while the rest of us were trying to figure out what they could have gotten into (what water could they have gotten? I mean, there is the toilet, but they know not to play in the toilet.) Sure enough, Tracey came upstairs with two drenched kids who thought it was hilarious to splash each other with toilet water.

Straight into the bath for these two.

Straight into the bath for these two.

And one more story. I was watching the kids one day while Tracey and Jacob did some shopping and Ken was in the shower. Kenny and Marli were playing nicely in the living room, so I stepped out to go check on something else. Surprise, surprise, the loud laughter started, so I went running (Not really. I am 8 months pregnant. It sounds better that way, though.)

Marli and Kenny were batting the glass ornaments off of the tree into the fireplace to watch them shatter. They thought it was hilarious! The two little goofballs wouldn’t do that separately, but when they get together you’ve got to watch out. (Side story: We were at the store the other day, and Kenny saw some ornaments and got really excited. He was trying to point them out to us so he said “Ball!” and made a crashing noise.)


And I lied, last story. When we were acting out the nativity scene, Kenny was Joseph and Marli was Mary, and a stuffed animal was Baby Jesus. They did really well with their parts when they had to go to inn keeper to inn keeper, but once they got to the “stable” their attention began to wane.

While we were singing Silent Night, Kenny decided he wanted to wrestle with Marli, so he started trying to jump on her. Marli wasn’t feeling it, so she said, “Kenny! Stop! You’re squishing Baby Jesus!” It was really cute.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, by my sister Tracey is 14 months older than I am, and coincidentally enough Marli is 14 months older than Kenny.

My mom has always told us stories about how mischevious the two of us were together. Apparently I would instigate the naughty act, and Tracey would just sit, watch, and laugh. (Like toilet papering the bathroom.) Funny enough, Kenny is usually the one who starts doing the naughty act, Marli laughs hysterically, but she typically will join in as well (unlike her mom).


It’s funny to see their two personalities and how some things are passed on to the next generation.

I hope these two continue to be good friends as they grow up in different states.

(Save, save, and DOUBLE SAVED!)


So yesterday we got back from our trip to Utah! It was a lot of fun, and a more detailed post will come soon. I wanted to share a quick, funny story about Kenny, though.

We went up and visited Ken’s grandparents (Oma and Opa to Ken and GG and Popper to Kenny). One of the first things Kenny noticed upon walking in the house was the candy dish.

He ran over to it and started looking through it. Oma said that he could have some and that we should dump it out so that Kenny could see all the candy on the bottom to choose which piece he wanted.

Ken dumped it out, to which Kenny exclaimed, “Wahoooo!” and proceeded to grab a piece of candy and stuff it in his mouth (with the wrapper still on).

It was just so hilarious to hear him say wahooo (don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before. Not sure where he learned it.) and to get so excited over the candy.

We all got a good laugh out of it, so Kenny knew that it was funny when he said wahoooo, so he continued to say it for the rest of the night while looking at us out of the corner of his eye and giving us a sly smile. Silly boy.