Baby Shower

You know what’s awesome? When your sister is willing to drive four hours to throw you a baby shower. Now that’s a good sister. Plus, she had the cutest decorations!

You know what else is awesome? That Stacy made all of the food and was willing to let us use her place.

Tracey also organized some fun games. I only got a couple of the games documented, though.

We did pin the mustache on the baby-

And guess what candy bar is melted into the diaper-

And as always, it was good to see friends!

Best picture of the day, though?

Nothing out of the ordinary.


Last First Day of School

Well, today was my last first day of school. Kind of sad. I really do enjoy learning, and I know that I am going to miss it a lot when it is over.

In this picture, my hair was doing funky things. It kind of looks like I have short hair, which just confirms my belief that I look better with long hair. That’s actually something I am debating right now. I’m not sure if I want to get a “mom haircut” or not in 5 months. It would be so much easier to take care of, plus little Kenny wouldn’t be able to grab onto it as much. (My adorable niece Marli reminded me this past week how bad it hurts if a baby pulls on your hair.) But then again, I seem to always cut my hair short on impulse, and I can see myself randomly getting brave and just doing it . . . even if I don’t actually want short hair. One time my car broke down by a “hair salon”, and so I spontaneously decided to chop my hair. Man, I will never live that haircut down. Such bad bangs! Why did the lady cutting my hair let that happen?

Anyway, enough of the tangent. My last semester ever! Sigh. I love BYU. Seriously, BYU has been one of the best decisions of my life. I would never trade anything for all of the memories I’ve had here. I guess it’s time for ole’ reminiscing photographs from freshman year.


Here’s when we got creative and skipped the hour-long line to get a picture with the Mormon celebrity, Kirby Heyborne. Such quality.

Oh, and here’s the day that Stacy was nice and made an english muffin for me with jam on it for breakfast because I was running late, but then sabotaged me by putting it on my chair.


Here’s when we were Cindy Lou Who for a Halloween party. We got second place. Oh yeah. (Those sequin tops scratched our arms up trying to get them on and off. It hurt so bad. They may or may not have been for little girls and were too tight.)

So anyway, enough pictures. As you can see, it’s day one of fall semester, and I’m already trying to get out of doing my homework. Off to a good start, self.



3rd Semi-Annual Sizzler Run

(This is a letter to my former roommate, Katie Cutler, who is currently serving a mission in South Korea. She used to do this tradition with us every finals week, so I decided to write her a letter about it, and then post it on here.)

Dear Sister Cutler,

Forgive me for being an awful friend. I will try harder to write you more. How’s the mission going? I miss you, but I bet you’re having a grand time.

Well, it’s good ole’ finals week here in Provo. I’m surviving. I only have one more test to take, and then I’ll be free . . . for five more days until Spring Term starts. I’m actually pretty excited for the few days that I have off, and my classes in the Spring shouldn’t be too hard. How’s the weather in Korea? Is it sunny?

Anyway, we decided to carry on the tradition and go to Sizzler’s during finals week to get the 99-cent unlimited dessert bar. What a steal of a deal . . . apparently they realized that, though. Or maybe it was just the fiasco that we created last time. :)

Anyway, Stacy, Catie, and I went to Sizzler’s (and we were going to meet Keisha there), and we were waiting in line. Then a man came up to us and said, “What would you like?” We told him the unlimited dessert bar for 99 cents, and he said, “No you can’t do that. You have to buy a meal to do that.” And then I said, “Who do you think you are? I’ve been coming here  every finals week for 2 years, and you’ve never had a problem with it before, bud. I want my unlimited brownies, so make it happen.”

I wish I had said that, but that’s not really how it went down. I just stared at him and mumbled something like “no way” and then awkwardly tried to get out of the way so the next person could order, but he kept on pressuring us to make a decision. Apparently he could not see that our dreams had just been smashed and it was hard to choose. How inconside’ate, right? We finally decided to “take our business elsewhere”, so we went to Applebees instead.

 This is us waiting to get a booth. Keisha was working, so she came a bit late, but she made it. Do not fret! (Kennedy and Rachael couldn’t make it down.)

Before the above picture was taken, Stacy was awkwardly standing far away from us and said something like “what? where should I stand.” I told her to go stand by the door until the picture was taken, and the guy who was taking it for us said, “Wha? They be showin’ you no love? Oh no, you get yourself over there and get in the pic.” Haha seriously the way he said it was so funny. I wish I could’ve recorded it for you.

After Applebees we were still not satisfied (since we were so used to stuffing our faces with unlimited desserts . . . and those free rolls that one time. man, those were good! way better than the time we got the free toast.), so we went to Macey’s and got the 50 cent ice cream cones! Best deal ever! I got swirl because that’s definitely the best.

Anyway, I miss you!!! I wish I could hear this again-

*Katie bumps into Me

Katie: “Oops. Sorry.”

Me: “Oh, you’re fine.”

Katie: “Oh! Thanks!!!”

If I only had a dime for every time that I heard that Sophomore year. I miss it, though.

Penrose Reunion

My freshman year of college, I lived in Heritage Halls, specifically the best hall called Penrose, which happens to be the prettiest name out of all of the Heritage Halls. Believe me . . . I based my decision on where to live on that. Anyway, I lived with five other girls, and we instantly clicked. Everyone thought that we knew each other before we came to college.

This is a picture from the first football game, and is one of the first pictures of all of us together. When it was game day, we were all totally comfortable helping one another get ready. As you can see by the random limbs everywhere in this picture, we may have been a little too comfortable. Crazy girls.

Well, we finally had a reunion where all of us were able to attend (plus spouses and Mr. MacInfy, the invisible friend)! It lasted about 3 hours even though it did not feel like that at all. We basically chatted the whole time. So many fun, yet embarrassing stories that were revealed and relived.

Kenneth told me he even really enjoyed himself . . . not that he doesn’t usually enjoy himself in social settings, but 3 hours of chatting about his wife’s freshman year? That could get boring pretty fast, but Ken said it was fun. Yea! That means future Penrose reunions as well, right? :)

Well, here is what we looked like 4 whole years ago (what?! where has time gone? ahh!):

And what we look like now:

Do we look the same? Just four years wiser? Apparently Erica (bottom middle) has “wild, crazy hair” according to her primary class.

Sorry, I do not have a picture of all of us including the spouses. I believe Stacy has those. *hint hint*


And then some things just never change like pulling faces during pictures.

Here are a few of many:


Love you girls! Wish we all still lived together . . . but then again, I do enjoy the sleep that I get now. You’re all too fun! :)

Sitting in the BYU President’s Box

So my internship asked me to stay around until I graduate and work part-time while I am finishing up school.

The first activity that I was able to go to was the BYU vs. Idaho football game. My office was invited to sit in the President’s box. It was amazing! President Samuelson was there (president of BYU), some other general authorities, and big wigs who donate a lot of money. It was so awesome. It was pretty cold that night, and we were able to sit in the heated box. Also, I have to mention the food provided as well – full on dinner, caramel apples, blue and white m&m’s, fudge, Neapolitan cake, soda, water bottles, and popcorn. A dream for any hungry college student!

We had to get there 1.5 hours before the game started, so that’s why the stands are so empty. We also had a dress code (business casual), and we had to get security clearance before we could go up.

Above is a picture of the Pride of the Wasatch (ha, Keish and Stace). Whenever they announce the band coming out, they always say, “And now it’s time for the Pride of the Wasatch”. This year during their half-time show, they did a formation where a man is kicking a ball. Pretty legit.

Again, it was really awesome. The game ended up being a little boring because BYU was creaming Idaho so bad. We ended up leaving at the third quarter.

That Stacy Girl

So, I don’t know, like a month ago Stacy invited me on a date. You might be thinking that is weird, but the really weird thing was that she paid! I know. Crazy.

We went to this little gem-

And yes, it is as good as that picture on the sign. We ate pazookies. It was de-li-cious! And such a cute cafe. I want to go back sometime.

Kenneth was doing homework when I was out, and he was going to try to be home by the time that I got home. I told him it would be an hour or so. Luckily Kenneth knows me well enough to know that when I say an hour when I am hanging out with Stacy, he knows to always add a couple of hours onto whatever I have said.

It was so fun talking about anything and everything about our lives. And echoing one another’s punch lines once it’s delivered. And recycling the same jokes multiple times. For example, don’t know how many times we’ve recycled this joke, and it still gets me.

A door handle low enough so Keisha can reach it! (Love ya, girl!)

Anyway, Stace-face and I even took pictures of ourselves smiling. Two because the guy taking it for us said we needed multiple backgrounds.

I thought everything was going great with the date, but then I found out that Stacy took out another girl, Katie, the night before. To the same place! Rude, dude. :)