Hmmm . . . Strange

Hmmm. How did 2.5 months go by without me blogging? Strange. Remember how I was going to do better at blogging? Again, strange. Also, wordpress has changed everything on their website, so I am having trouble navigating. Strange.

Uh, so anyway, lots of excuses. One of them being that our computer broke. But hello! It’s fixed now! (Hallelujah!) So again. I am going to try to be better at blogging. (Hopefully you’re not thinking, “yeah, empty promise right thurrrr.”) I really am going to try to make an effort to be better.

So that’s really the point of this post. I am working on an 18 month post for Kenny because (what?!) he turned 18 months a couple of days ago. (Side note: He literally turned 18 months 2 days ago. Ken and I have a different view of the meaning of “couple”, “few”, and “several”. I think it means couple=2, few=3 or 4, and several=6+. Ken is more liberal in throwing out those words when the numbers aren’t exactly as previously mentioned, which now thinking about it is really weird. Whenever I throw out numbers haphazardly (yeah, it weighed like 100 pounds! it was awful!) Ken teases me that I must not be an engineer because engineers are precise with their numbers. Anyway, so random.)

And to close the post, here’s a pic-


Here’s a picture of Kenny with our neighbors who live below us. They are the best neighbors. They never complain about how loud Kenny is. We got really lucky. And Kenny loves James (he’s holding his hand). Whenever Kenny sees James he runs to him and just starts jabbering. It’s really cute. And whenever he sees an open garage, he thinks James is in there cleaning his car (because he has a yellow camero convertible, so he is in his garage cleaning his car a lot), so he gets super excited and starts waving and saying hi.

They are moving at the end of the year, and we are going to miss them so much!



All across the South and the eastern part of the US we are experiencing a “polar vortex” aka unusually cold weather. We haven’t been hit too bad here in SC, but it is funny to see everyone’s reactions. Yesterday the low was 9 degrees with a wind chill of 0. We had no chance of snow, but they still delayed school by 2 hours! What? Haha. That is the normal temperature for many states in the US. Pretty sure everyone just wanted to extend Christmas break a little longer.

And to try to combat the cold weather in this not-so-well insulated apartment, Ken came up with a genius plan. (Seriously though the apartment is ridiculous. We are talking major drafts around doors because the doors are whack. There is so much space around the door frame that I’ve seen a beetle crawl inside.. )


Yes those are socks stuffed in between the door. So if you see us walking around with mismatched socks the next few days, you’ll know why.

Two Years in the Making


When Ken and I were engaged, we were trying to find furniture that was cheap but fairly decent to put in our soon-to-be unfurnished apartment. Ken’s sister, Suzanne, helped us by looking on KSL’s used furniture listings (thanks again!). She found a nice couch for $35. After getting lost for 45 minutes, we finally got to the house to pay and pick up the couch. The guy who was selling it to us found out that we were soon-to-be newlyweds, and so he gave us the couch for free. Yes, free. 

With the couch came some pretty worn (and filthy) pillows that clashed terribly with our loveseat pillows. But it was free, right? So we had no room to complain.

For the past two years, I’ve had recovering the pillows on my to-do list. And guess what? I finally got around to doing them!


I got the red fabric from the remnants section at the craft store for $6 a yard. The patterned pillows I got at a thrift store for $2 each. Love it! Makes it all the better.

South Carolina

So we have made it to South Carolina. Phew! We don’t have internet still, so we’ve actually been here for over a week. It has been a crazy adventure moving across the country, but man, people are so nice to us! We were able to stay with a family here while we were in between apartments, and then we were also able to borrow a car while we were waiting for ours to make it across the country (thanks Chuck!).

People down here are really nice. For the past 8 months or so, I’ve been trying to imagine what the people would be like down here in the South. Would it be like the cliché deep southern people you see in the movies? Or would it be a little more redneck-like since we’re near the Appalachian Mountains? I thought it was going to be more redneck, but I have been surprised that it is a bit more southern than I would have guessed. Sometimes people talk with such a strong accent that I cannot understand what they are saying. Seriously. Oh, and we were given a “southern lingo” handout by our apartment complex so that we can try to understand the dialect a bit better. My favorite on the sheet is, “Mash = Put; ‘Please mash the button the elevator.’” Haha, what? Most of the words on the list are just three words squished together into one word, like “howaou” aka “how are you?” And whenever strangers see Baby Kenny, they are not afraid to stop me, squeeze his cheeks, ask to hold him, and touch their nose to Kenny’s nose (seriously that happened. I’m usually okay with all the weird things that people do around babies, but that was a little too much for me.). And the way they talk to him! Kills me. “Well aint you pritty? You just the sweetest thang.” *Imagine said in a southern accent.

Oh, and growing up in Ohio, I thought I was acclimated to humidity, but I guess living in Utah for 6 years has made me weak. I walked outside this morning at 9:00 AM and it was sweltering! Boy, it gets hot. We have AC that we crank, and thankfully almost every room in our apartment has a ceiling fan, but still. So hot. And for the first 4 days we were here it rained And I’m not talking a drizzle. We’re talking a real downpour! Kenny experienced his first thunderstorm, and I don’t think he was too big of a fan. The thunder was a bit too loud for him and made him cry.

And speaking of Kenny, we went to our new ward for the first time last Sunday, and apparently Kenny thought I needed a bit more color on my skirt, so he decided to add a bit more. And by a bit more, I mean a whole lot. From my hip to my knee.  I wish I could say it was just spit-up; however, I was not that lucky. “Nice to meet you. What’s your name? Poopy skirt girl? Well, nice to meet you.” Awesome timing, bud.


The above picture is a typical outfit for Mr. Man since it gets so hot, and oh yeah it works very nicely seeing that we are close to the beach. So yeah, we are enjoying South Carolina! We are excited for this next bit of adventure in our lives!


33 Weeks

Here’s 33 weeks. As you can see, I finally broke out the maternity tops. (Thanks, Tracey!)

I know you will be surprised to hear this, but pregnancy is getting uncomfortable (not that pregnancy is ever comfortable). Baby Kenny is able to push my left hip bone and my right rib cage at the same time. Impressive, little man. It also has become hard to breathe at times because he likes to hang out in my rib cage. And don’t judge me if I drive around with my window down in 30 degree weather. I’ve been getting super hot lately. And did I mention heartburn? Boy, oh boy, I love the person who makes Tums.

But enough of that complaining stuff. It’s hard to believe that we are just 7-8 weeks away from meeting out little man! (I keep on telling myself that he’s going to be late, so I don’t get my hopes up.) We are gradually getting our apartment ready. It’s going to be a bit tricky since we only have a one bedroom apartment, but we are planning on him just loving his bassinet and never wanting to sleep in a crib, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

The other night I was laying down, and baby Kenny pushed really hard on my stomach. I told Ken that it hurt, so Ken  pushed Kenny’s foot back into my stomach. Kenny then proceeded to stick his foot a good 1.5 inches out and moved left then right then left. It was crazy! It was the first time that we saw his little foot stick out so far. Ken said it looked like there was an alien inside me. It was kind of like little Kenny was saying, “Oh yeah? Well I’m squished in here, so take that!” Hopefully this defiant father/son relationship doesn’t continue, though. :)

Ken’s Home!

After two (long, long) weeks, Kenneth is finally home from Peru! Woohoo! :)

He was in Peru for school (Global Engineering Outreach), and he brought home some neat souvenirs. Here’s two of them that we have put up in our apartment. He did really good.

I could not get a good picture of this next one because of the glass reflection, but believe me when I say the painting is cool! It’s not painted on paper. It’s actually painted on a velvet-like fabric. It’s a picture of Machu Piccu.

Now tilt your head to the right. Do you see the Peruvian face in the mountains? Obviously it is exaggerated in the painting, but apparently Machu Piccu really looks like a Peruvian face.

Also, two completely unrelated good things:

1. Kenneth found his wedding ring! It was lost for probably 1.5-2 months. He found it in the weirdest spot. He was playing with something (clay?) at work and dropped it under the desk. He went to get it and found his wedding ring! Hooray!

2. Ken talked me into playing on the co-ed intramural ultimate frisbee team, and we played our first game on Tuesday, and we won! It was kind of close. 10-8.

The Destruction

So over Thanksgiving break we found a lot of fun stuff in Kenneth’s old room. We found some tec-dec stuff that we gave to our neighbors, those awesome orange slippers I have been wearing, Pokemon cards, his old Playstation (have you ever played worms? it’s a way old, retro game, but it is so fun!) and Crazy Bones.

Did you ever play with Crazy Bones? I never did, and Ken thinks I’m crazy (haha) because of it. Ken was so happy to find his crazy bones that he brought his favorite back, and it’s now sitting on one of our shelves in our living room. Yipee.

Anyway, we also found an old airsoft gun . . .

Remember our dear gingerbread house and mistletoe? Well, Kenneth was bored one day, so he decided to spice up our decorations.

“Why did you put a green ornament on the door of your gingerbread house?” Well, that is an airsoft pellet. Kenneth shot our front door, and our cute little mistletoe. Our already tiny mistletoe is now even smaller due to some of the red “berries” being blasted off.

Maybe I’ll shoot his favorite crazy bone next. :)