26 Weeks


So for the record, this picture was taken literally 30 seconds before we ran out the door for church, and Kenny was screaming because he didn’t want to wear his church clothes, and we were running late, but I have really been meaning to take a picture of the baby bump for uhhhh like 6 weeks now, so this will do.

So what’s up with this pregnancy?

  • Tums are my best friend. I ate spicy curry the other day, and I swear that even the smell made me get heartburn. The curry was delicious, but boy did I regret the heartburn later.
  • The other day Kenny ran into a table and bumped his stomach and he started whimpering and then pointed to his tummy and sad sadly “baby, baby”.
  • My belly is officially in the way when I bend down.
  • It’s so much harder to keep track how far along I am this pregnancy than last time. Time is just flying by.
  • Baby boy is moving a lot! I love it. I want Kenny to be able to feel, but I don’t think it’s quite pronounced enough yet for Kenny to comprehend what is happening.
  • I have a lot of energy (knock on wood), and I’m loving this second trimester “high”.

So all is good in the Alford household, and we are really enjoying the thought of having two little ones soon! :)


20 Weeks

So I was really good at taking pictures of my pregnant belly last time. This time, well, not the best. I’ve been meaning to take a picture for the last 20 weeks, so here it finally is-


^^^And yeah, I got a haircut. I got four inches off, which is funny because about this time last year I cut off a ton of my hair, too. It just gets so hot this time of year that I just can’t hack it. (Did you see what I did there? Hack. Like how I hacked all my hair off? Okay, I’ll stop.)

Anyway, this pregnancy:

  • More heartburn. Kenny will go in get the Tums for me which is awesome. So helpful, that one.
  • I love eating salty food! (Maybe a reason for the heartburn?) I’m not a big french fries eater, but I love them now! Smothered in ketchup! (Which is also kinda weird because I’m not a huge ketchup person.) Also, chips. Love eating chips.
  • And I may or may not have a cup of hot chocolate every single night. Even though it is still 80+ degrees outside. (I so miss how in Utah the evenings cool off.)
  • And though I have hot chocolate every night, I’m not a huge sweets person. I don’t uber crave sweets all the time like some pregnant ladies.
  • I feel like I am waddling already. And my hips hurt, too. And I had my first leg pain today. I really hope that the leg pains don’t continue. That happened with Kenny, and it definitely was not fun, and I made sure Ken knew that it was not fun. I’m pretty sure Ken hopes it was just a one time thing too because he doesn’t want the complaining to start this early either. :)

Anyway, that’s all I can really think of to say for now. Maybe I’ll do another pregnancy picture update 20 weeks from now. (AKA going to the hospital!) (Ahh, am I actually halfway?) (So excited to have a newborn again!) (I should have written all these parentheticals in hashtags.) (#hashtag)

It’s a . . . It’s a . . .

Another BOY!

Yep, we will be adding another boy to our family! We are beyond excited. 

When I was pregnant with Kenny, I thought we would have 2 boys first, but then when I was pregnant this time around, I just wasn’t sure anymore. I kept on going back and forth whether I thought it was a boy or a girl. I never really had an “inkling” one way or the other. Right before the ultrasound technician told us, she asked us to make a guess. Both Ken and I randomly said girl. She then said “wrong”!

It’s fun to already see the difference between this baby and Kenny. When we had Kenny’s ultrasound, he was moving a lot. Kenny even punched his hand out one time because he didn’t like being poked so much. We weren’t able to get a profile shot of Kenny, and we weren’t able to do so with this baby either. But this baby seemed so much calmer than when Kenny had his ultrasound. (Will that translate to a low-key baby? please?) This sweet little boy hardly moved at all and seemed very unaware of all the poking and prodding. He just had his hand up by his face (with his thumb giving us the “thumbs up”) for most of the appointment. It was adorable. 


We love him already!

Meet Doggie, “Bear”, and Puppy

For the longest time I would read or hear about how babies/toddlers can become attached to certain objects. And I just couldn’t relate. Kenny showed zero preference to any stuffed animals, blankets, toys, etc. 

About 6 weeks ago that changed. 

Meet Doggie, “Bear” and Puppy-

And as you can see, the stuffed animals are actually all dogs, but we have to call one “bear” because it’s hard to distinguish between the three of them. (Can you guess what Kenny’s favorite animal is?) Kenny treats these dogs like little babies. It has made me feel like I have three more kids I need to take care of, which maybe is good practice for when the babe comes in January. (We find out the gender in less than 2 weeks!)

Kenny makes sure that the animals get food when we sit down for meals and snacks, get diaper changes, get their clothes changed for the day, get shoes, etc. For the first few days I thought it was cute, but sometimes it is hard to have patience when your 19 month old insists (over and over and over) that you go find doggie because he needs to eat food with us even though we are in a hurry. 

But really, it is cute. He loves the stuffed animals so much. They were all given to him (Oma, Papa, and Nanny). “Bear” already has two holes on his back because he gets so much love. And it is really cute when Kenny does share them with other kids. (It happens occasionally, but only if he really likes you . . . and typically he will want it right back.)

He also has a favorite blanket. It is a Cars blanket, so it has Lightening McQueen and Mater on it. (Trucks. Surprise! Not.) He thinks it is the best, and he loves to be wrapped in it like a cape. Sorry there’s no picture. Maybe another post I will get one, but right now he is down for a nap and ain’t no way I’m waking the babe for anything. :)

January 2015

So there actually was another main reason why I wasn’t blogging. I was sick. Most days, all day. Nothing serious and it isn’t contagious. The illness is called . . . morning sickness!

Yep. You read it right.

January 2015 we will be introducing another little one to our family! We are beyond excited.

I am 14 weeks along now, and I’m starting to feel a lot better. This pregnancy has been harder than with Kenny’s, but it has been bearable. (Except brushing my teeth! Seriously, I dread that part of the day. Every time it makes me gag so much that I nearly lose it. I can’t have anyone talking to me or distracting me. It’s ridiculous.) And I have started showing way sooner than I did with Kenny. At about 17 weeks or so I started showing with Kenny, but I had people asking me if I was pregnant when I was 11 weeks along this time. (Pretty brave of them!)

My official due date is January 23, so baby and Kenny will be 2 years apart.

Ken thinks it is a boy, and I think it is a girl. I guess we will find out in 6 weeks, though!

So excited!

Come on Little Kenny . . .

Want to know the best Birthday present a pregnant lady can get on her Birthday? Labor.

Want to know the second best Birthday present a pregnant lady can get? Progress towards labor.

Yep, I had a doctor’s appointment today, and I am “progressing nicely” towards labor. Last week my doctor was very impressed that I was dilated to a 2 at 36 weeks, and now that I’m at 37 weeks I’m at a 3! Yessssssss. She said that he is “very low”, and said that they never make guesses when the baby will come, but she hinted strongly that he will probably come . . . soon. I’m suppose to have another doctors appointment in a week, and she said see you then . . . or in the hospital. Woohoo!

I’m trying not to get too excited, but let’s be real. I’m ecstatic. I know I should probably just plan on him waiting until I’m 40 weeks to come, but it has been so uncomfortable  lately that it makes it so easy to wish for him to come early.

Side story: When I was younger, I used to be pretty bitter that my Birthday was two days after Christmas. I was jealous of the other kids who had two separate opportunities to get presents and to celebrate. I always thought that I had gotten the short end of the stick because people would combine Christmas/Birthday presents and my Birthday would be overshadowed by the other holidays. When I was 17, I found out that my parents induced me on the 27th of December. I was actually supposed to be a January baby. My parents were able to get a major tax break, and they admitted that was a contributing factor in their decision to induce me.

When I found this out, I couldn’t believe it! Now that I’m in the same boat, it sounds very enticing. . . and not just for the tax break. I am ready to be done with pregnancy. So if you want to find me today, I will just be walking non-stop at the gym trying to “induce” labor on my own. :)

Oh, and here is a picture of Ken and I on Christmas-


We realized that we don’t really have any pictures of us together plus the pregnant belly.

37 Weeks

37 Weeks

Here’s to 37 weeks and being considered full term! Woohoo!

The doctor on Monday said that I’m already dilated to a two. She said that this doesn’t necessarily mean he will come early, but I would be lying if I said that I haven’t gotten my hopes up that he will be early.

So no real updates this week. I am pregnant, and I feel pregnant. Oh, and I sent Ken out to get something at the store for me for the first time. I haven’t done that the whole pregnancy, but he went and got me Gatorade because I wasn’t feeling very well earlier this week. What a guy. :)