Kennyisms Part 2

Kenny is speaking full, cohesive sentences now and can easily hold a conversation. The other day the sister missionaries were over, and Kenny said, “So… how was your day?” A completely normal question to ask, but it is so weird to hear it come from a toddler.

Anyway, here are some of the funny ones from the last little bit:

  • “Nana, I can’t understand you. My mouth is full.”
  • Nana said to Kenny, “Do you know you have a good Mommy and Daddy?” To which Kenny said, “I have a good mama, but daddy messes up with me.” (Had to memorialize this one because it is no secret that Kenny likes to play with daddy more than mommy.)
  • We were driving in the car, and the sun started shining in Kenny’s eyes. Upset, he said to me, “Mama! The sun is making me shy!” (Because he had to hide his face from the brightness of the sun… so since he was hiding his face, he was “shy”.)
  • Driving to the store. Kenny: “Oh shoot! We forgot my quarter to buy doughnuts!” (So funny/weird to hear a two-year-old (at the time) say ‘Oh shoot’. Plus, doughnuts? You were planning on this?)
  • The nursery teacher told me that Kenny was playing with playdough and he told her that he was making cookies. She asked if she could have one to eat, to which he said, “no, they’re not burnt yet.” … thanks, kid. I don’t burn them all the time.


A completely unrelated picture, but it has been so fun the last few days to be able to play outside, so I had to find an excuse to include it.


Snow Day! South Carolina Style


The other day we had a “snow day”. And yes, in true southern style, all of the bread, milk, and eggs were gone from grocery stores.


To say Kenny was excited would be an understatement.


Reed, however, was over it in 10 minutes. (And to be completely honest, I was okay with that, too. I’ll admit it. I am converted to the southern weather, and I’m a baby when it comes to the cold now.)

(Also, yes those are socks on Reed’s hands…)


Do you see the play set in the above picture? It was a gift to me to the kids using some of the etsy money. Best money we’ve ever spent.

And here’s our beautiful “snow man”. He had crazy hair, hence the crazy sticks.


And a picture of Reed doing what he does best these days- breaking away to climb stairs. One track mind, this kid.


Happy snowpocalypse 2016!

Reedy… Older… Hike… Rocks… Fishes

And again. Apparently this has been sitting in my draft folder for a LONG time. These pictures were from when 7/11 was having some sort of sale where any cup size was a good price. Can’t remember what it was though. Cheap.

As you can see, Ken took full advantage and grabbed the biggest tupperware container he could find. An ice cream container.


We then went for a hike up. Can’t really remember too many details. Sorry guys. I know, super interesting blog post.

Anyway, here are some pics!


005 (2)



^^^Abandoned train tunnel.

5 Months

IMG_20150705_1602428_rewind (2)

^^^He’s saying, “What?! I’m 5 months? Get outta here!”

Don’t worry Reed. I’m the same way. I can’t believe it.

  • Baby boy can now roll from his back to his front, which he loves to do. He really enjoys being on his tummy and prefers to do this instead of being on his back. Much to my dismay, this is how he prefers to sleep. Sigh. At least I try putting him on his back in his crib.
  • He can scoot forward as well. (Baby proofing the house has now gotten real.)
  • Wakes up one time at night, but really it’s not that bad. He is usually back down again quickly (unlike his brother where it would take 40-60 minutes to get back down).
  • And last but definitely not least, he will put himself to sleep for naps now! Best news ever! He takes 3 naps a day, which are usually between 30-45ish minutes each. I feel like I am slowly able to get things done during the day again.

IMG_20150705_1602443_rewind (3) IMG_20150705_1603113_rewind (2) Reed

IMG_20150704_1557276_rewind (2)

^^^I love this picture of him! And yep, this is how you will always find him if he is on the ground. Loves being on his tummy.IMG_4554 IMG_4482

And to close out the post, here’s pics of the babe sleeping. Love me some sleepin baby. I talk like a southerner now. No not really, but Ken will talk Southern sometimes without realizing it! He is around so many heavy southern accents at work that sometimes he will come home and have the drawl still.

I still get caught off guard when people say the month July. They say it like: Joo-lie. Heavy on the vowels.

Anyway, happy Sunday!


So after living in South Carolina for over a year, we finally made it to the beach! We debated which beach we wanted to go to, and we finally decided Charleston. Boy am I glad we chose Charleston! (And yes, that was Ken’s idea, and he only mentioned it to me 2341 times on the vacation. I had originally wanted to go to another beach, so he teased me the whole time in Charleston about it since I enjoyed Charleston so much.)

My sister, Tracey, and her family came down as well as my mom. It was so fun to have everyone together (sans my brother and dad). Also, are we the only ones that had never experienced a vacation home before? We were planning on staying in hotel rooms, but a friend mentioned to me that they got a vacation home for relatively cheap, so we looked into it, and let me tell you- vacation homes are the way to go! We paid about how much we would have paid for hotel rooms, but we had a lot more conveniences, which was especially nice with the kids. We had three bedrooms (and a bathroom that Kenny slept in), fully stocked kitchen, washer/dryer, dining room, living room, and three bathrooms. And it was the perfect location for us! It was right in the middle between the beach we went to (Isle of Palm) and downtown Charleston.

We’ve already mentioned a few times that if we go back (yes! please!), we would like to stay in that same vacation home again. Loved it.

So we had a ton of activities “planned”, but we didn’t get to a lot of them because the vacation went by so fast. We were only in Charleston for 2.5 days, but I think it turned out to be the perfect mix between activities, beach-going, and relaxing.

Anyway, on to the pictures! (A normal person probably would have split this post into two because there are so many pictures. Fair warning.)

^^^We spent some time walking the streets in downtown Charleston. We went to the market, saw lots of horses (the kids’ favorite part), and we bought an awesome photograph of the front of a house in Charleston. So artsy.

Another activity we did downtown was the walk along the battery. So pretty walking alongside the oceanfront. Also, such beautiful homes! Charleston is so charming.

And then while I was trying to direct everyone to rainbow row, we happened upon a spashpad and decided to let the kids play. Also, come to find out that if you type in “rainbow row” to google maps, it brings up “rainbow row photography”. Turns out that we had passed rainbow row about 20 minutes into our walk. Whoops. At least we stumbled upon the spashpad.

And here is rainbow row-

And then some awesome houses in Charleston-


It was such a fun trip! One of my favorite parts was being able to see Kenny and his cousin, Marli, interact together. These two together are such goofballs. They just fed off of one another. Kenny would do something that would make Marli laugh, and they would continue on with this for 10+ minutes.



 ^^^Pushing each other around the house in the base of a carseat. You can’t tell from the picture, but they thought this was hilarious.

And proof that we actually did go to the beach (We went everyday. I just didn’t take pictures.)-


Oh, and I have to include this last little tidbit-

My mom is so hip she clued us in on some of the lingo “some people” say. One time she stood up, and said “oh boy”, so my sister asked if her leg had fallen asleep. My mom said “No, TB”. Tracey asked what TB stood for (throwback? tuberculosis?), and my mom said “tired bum”. Bet you’re glad you are in with the hip lingo now, huh? ;)


Monsters of Destruction

So this last weekend, me and my man went on a date night without the little man. We went and saw Monsters of Destruction, which was basically a monster truck/demolition derby show. Kind of ironic we went and saw trucks without the little guy when he loves trucks so much. We showed him some videos/pictures the next day, and he loved it. He kept asking to see it over and over. (and over and over!)

While waiting for the show to start, they did bus rides for anyone around the track. When I was watching this, I thought the bus was flying around the track, but I had no idea what was in store. Cars went so much faster.


There were tons of funny/hilarious “stunts” they tried to do. One of the first ones was that they stacked cars like so, and then they had a fence in front of the first car and smashed into it and created a car domino effect. I wish I had gotten an after picture. Cars were destroyed and flipped in the oddest angles.


And southerners are already pumped and excited for football, so they figured out how to make a a game of football with cars. They used the car pictured below as the football. There were two teams of 4 cars with end zones and everything. No one ended up winning, but a car caught on fire, so that’s close enough, right?



^^^Here’s a pic of the mayhem as it was happening. Basically just turned into a demolition derby.20140805-085517-32117355.jpg

^^^There’s the “football”


^^^And here’s the after pic.


^^^Here’s the car that caught on fire. It took the emergency team a good 2-3 minutes before they realized there was a fire. They were just chilling in the middle completely unaware with the announcer repeatedly saying there was a fire and the crowd roaring. 

Another fun race was the “skid” race. They took the back wheels off of the cars, and put them on “sleds”. They turned off the stadium lights so that we could see the sparks, and it turned out really cool. The pictures don’t do it justice.


There were also 3 monster trucks. So huge and loud! I can’t believe how much air these machines can get!


I think my favorite race (which I didn’t get a picture of) was the “Gauntlet” race. They had two vans that were racing each other trying to get around the track 8 times. Then there were 4 cars behind the vans trying to prevent either of them from making it around the track. One of the vans was an ice cream van, so it had a huge cooler system on top. Each time one of the cars tried to spin the ice cream van out, it would teeter back and forth like it was going to flip over. At one point, it did actually flip over. It fell on the driver’s side, which is a safety concern because the driver could get seriously hurt. They stopped the race, and everyone waited to see if the driver was okay. The crowd was waiting, everyone holding their breath, concerned that he might be hurt because he wasn’t getting out of the van. All of a sudden, he popped out of the back of the van! With ice cream cones for everyone! No, that didn’t happen, but he did pop out the back in a grand flourish and it was really comical because in true southern redneck style, he was wearing cowboy boots, his pants were falling off, and he had to repeatedly keep pulling them up.

Overall, it was a fun night! It started out a little rocky because the tickets could not be found, we were running late, and Kenny was freaking out because he knew we were leaving, but everything worked out and it was a blast! I love continually dating this man.20140805-085457-32097660.jpg

Watch Your [Dub] Step

For family night on Monday, we decided to go on a walk downtown.

We parked the car, got out of the car, and saw this-


And that’s when we knew it was going to be a good walk.

But really, it was fun to go exploring and see parts of town that you can’t see when you whiz past in your car. Like this gem-


^^^Doesn’t it just feel like there should be a dirt road and two cowboys that are about to have a shoot-off?

And such inspirational quotes are around town-


^^^And no, this wasn’t found in front of a shoe store, although that would have been fitting.

But really though, it was a lot of fun! We found the splash-pad downtown that someone told us about-


It has been in the mid-eighties this past week, so if it continues to be this hot, we will be making appearances there soon.

And Ken was in heaven when we found this on the side of the road-


Yes, it is a “Free Fruit” bucket where people “rich, poor, young, and old” are free to “help yourself and leave some for others.” There were two bananas in the bucket, and Ken, not being afraid to eat anything, ate one. He still hasn’t died yet, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Kind of a cool idea. (The fruit bucket, not Ken dying.)

And around town they had all of these squares spray painted on the ground with the words “to me, art is . . . ” and school kids put their thoughts in the box. There were quite a few funny ones, but we really thought this one was good-


Remember that restaurant, Sullivan’s, that we love?


Well apparently we’re not the only ones that have a soft spot for their cake. When Ken’s parents were in town, we went to Sullivan’s and we all had the hardest time deciding which dessert to get. Ken’s dad nearly decided carrot cake multiple times, so we thought he would get a kick out of that picture. (Did you ever end up getting the carrot cake, Dad?)

And to close the post here are some pics of Kenny “smiling on request”-


P.S. I couldn’t think of a casual way to work you into this one, Stacy. Better luck next time. :)