6 Months

20150805_094303 20150805_094319  20150805_094328   20150805_094338 20150805_094414 20150805_094418

^^^It’s hard to just choose one. I love them all!

  • We have a scooter… no Stacy. Not a razor scooter, though that would be equally cool. Baby Reed has been scooting around for about a month now, and he is loving being able to get around. He wants to play with Kenny so bad. (Update: Today he is getting up on his knees, rocking back and forth, and pushing with his feet. He is so close to crawling. I think that may happen soon.)
  • Is almost able to sit up on his own completely. I’m still not quite confident leaving him alone when he is doing it, but he will balance sitting up for 90 seconds or so (or until he gets so excited that he kicks his feet hard and falls over), and he does the “tripod” sitting by himself.
  • Is eating solids now. (We started giving him them probably 3 weeks ago). The first thing we gave him was a watermelon to suck on, which he loved. The first real feeding we did with him was sweet potatoes.


  • Unfortunately, he now wakes up at least once every night… but it is way better than him not napping during the day. He usually naps twice a day, but sometimes three times if they are short naps… aka if Kenny wakes him up early ;)
  • Is still having silent GERD issues. His pediatrician said that most babies outgrow it by this stage, but he still hasn’t. We are going to try taking him off of his medicine again at 9 months. (But right now he is still in the limbo of upping his dosage of medicine and that hasn’t quite kicked in yet, so nursing has been a challenge this last week. This happens every two months or so when he needs a higher dosage, and every time it kicks my butt. He goes on a nursing strike because his tummy hurts so bad. It’s really hard to see him hurt so much. I hope he outgrows it soon.)
  • Similarly, he is a very distracted eater now. We’re talking pitched black room, silence. It’s hard to occupy Kenny whenever it is time to feed Reed. This last week we introduced Kenny to his special “nursing toys” that he can play with when it is time for Reed to eat. The toys are Ken’s old legos, which make a perfect excuse to say that they are only for when Reed eats… “Reed could choke on the legos, so while I’m feeding him, go play with your ‘special toys!'” We’ll see how long this holds Kenny’s attention.
  • Is such a curious little boy. Loves to be down on the ground to wiggle and squirm around. We’ll see how long this lasts as well. I think he may be entering the phase of getting sad when I leave the room.


^^^Going through some of Reed’s clothes. I forgot how quickly I need to rotate clothes with a baby.

IMG_20150703_1027426_rewind (2)

We love our little “Reedy”, and are so happy he is a part of our family.

P.S. A note about Kenny- he is 90% of the time potty trained now. Hopefully he continues forward and doesn’t regress too much. That would make our wallets happy! ;)


Watch Your [Dub] Step

For family night on Monday, we decided to go on a walk downtown.

We parked the car, got out of the car, and saw this-


And that’s when we knew it was going to be a good walk.

But really, it was fun to go exploring and see parts of town that you can’t see when you whiz past in your car. Like this gem-


^^^Doesn’t it just feel like there should be a dirt road and two cowboys that are about to have a shoot-off?

And such inspirational quotes are around town-


^^^And no, this wasn’t found in front of a shoe store, although that would have been fitting.

But really though, it was a lot of fun! We found the splash-pad downtown that someone told us about-


It has been in the mid-eighties this past week, so if it continues to be this hot, we will be making appearances there soon.

And Ken was in heaven when we found this on the side of the road-


Yes, it is a “Free Fruit” bucket where people “rich, poor, young, and old” are free to “help yourself and leave some for others.” There were two bananas in the bucket, and Ken, not being afraid to eat anything, ate one. He still hasn’t died yet, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Kind of a cool idea. (The fruit bucket, not Ken dying.)

And around town they had all of these squares spray painted on the ground with the words “to me, art is . . . ” and school kids put their thoughts in the box. There were quite a few funny ones, but we really thought this one was good-


Remember that restaurant, Sullivan’s, that we love?


Well apparently we’re not the only ones that have a soft spot for their cake. When Ken’s parents were in town, we went to Sullivan’s and we all had the hardest time deciding which dessert to get. Ken’s dad nearly decided carrot cake multiple times, so we thought he would get a kick out of that picture. (Did you ever end up getting the carrot cake, Dad?)

And to close the post here are some pics of Kenny “smiling on request”-


P.S. I couldn’t think of a casual way to work you into this one, Stacy. Better luck next time. :)

Blog Redesign

Blog redesign! What do you think?

It’s all part of my effort to try to be better at blogging. I figured giving the blog a face lift may help me become more excited about blogging. I never really liked the old layout, but it was the most bearable one I could find at the time. I am really liking the look of the blog now, though.

Also, I updated the “about me” section on the left-hand page. The picture that was used before was extremely pixaly, but when I made it I was so frustrated that I just posted it and said “don’t care!” (Hmmm, Stacy can attest that I do this often. I work on something for a while, get frustrated, and then just call it good. Car half crooked in a parking space? Don’t care!) (Also, two mentions of Stacy in back-to-back posts? Guess you can call it an early wedding present.)

Yeah, so hopefully you like how it looks!

And onto a random picture to complete the post-


^^^The current state of Kenny’s legs. Can you tell that he is a boy who loves to play outside? And about 20 minutes after this picture was taken he managed to add another cut to his collection. Talent.

Cookie Monster

So remember this post about lent and the Feel Great in Eight Challenge?

Yeah, so I actually did it! And yesterday was the last day!

So this is what my Monday looks like-


^^^Yes, cookie bars that happen to be eaten in the shape of Utah. A complete coincidence, by the way. (The shape of the cookies, not the cookies. The cookies were deliberate and much needed.) Guess I am just so excited to come out to Utah in a week and a half (because Stacy is getting MURRIEEED!) that my subconscious is doing all sorts of weird things!

So yeah, as you can see in all the absent cookies, I learned some great habits from the Feel Great in Eight.

Ha, but in all seriousness I did learn some good habits. I am giving myself a “free week” to eat crazy, and then I am going to try to be good again.

Anyway, I really did enjoy the program. My goal was to maintain my weight and put on some muscle, but I did end up losing a little bit anyway. I lost 3.55% of my total weight, so not a ton. What I was really surprised about was when I did the before/after measuring. She had us measure our waist, hips, thighs, chest, and arms. I was pleasantly surprised to see a difference! I had noticed that my clothes were a bit bigger, but I attributed that to the jump from winter to summer clothes that I made during the program.

Want to see my before/after picture?


^^^Haha not really. Ken got this app that makes you put on weight by distorting the picture. (The one on the left is distorted, Stacy. I can totally see you making a joke about the pic on the right. ;)

Oh yeah! And I never mentioned that I did end up winning one of the weekly drawings! Total luck, but I got $30. So that was nice. :)

And the final results haven’t been posted yet, but I don’t think I won any money or anything. That’s okay, though. I was forced to do some good healthy habits, and hopefully I will be able to keep some of them. :)

Kenny’s First Birthday

So even though I am writing about this super late, we did in fact celebrate Kenny’s Birthday!

He got a lot of presents (books, clothes, quiet picture book, etc.) We decided to splurge and get him a helium balloon. (Ha, we got him a few other things too, but whenever we are at the store and he sees a balloon, he always reaches for it and wants to play with it. Don’t worry, it was a hit.)

We also did the whole give a huge cake to a baby and watch him devour and smear it everywhere thing. We set him all up, got the camera, and each had our phones out as well in case we needed to document the awesome mess from multiple angles. (Kind of like that one time Stacy I were able to document stuff from two angles because she gave me her old camera since she had gotten a new one for Christmas. Right after she gave it to me, we started video taping each other while dancing in a circle saying “look! I’m videoing you.” “haha I’m videoing you, too!” and while we were dancing in a circle, arms were thrown in glee, and I dropped the brand new-to-me camera on the ground and it broke. Best Christmas present I’ve ever had for 30 seconds. Ha. It’s actually a really funny video. Anyway, I digress. Unto the main guy of the post, Kenny.)

Yes, so then we let him at that awesome blue mound of a cake.



It was very anticlimactic.

As you can see, he hesitantly touched the blue frosting with his hand, realized it was sticky, and just got hung up on that. He kept on looking at his sticky hand and would open and close it with a puzzled look on his face. I don’t think he liked the stickiness. (Even though he has a real knack for making messes! Like all the time. He got into the greasy bike chain again today for the million bajillionth time. Sneaky little one.)


Don’t worry he did eat cake, though. We just fed it to him (and ate way too much ourselves in the process.)

Overall, it was a fun night! :)

And now for a photo comparison-

Kenneth - one year old - April 22, 1989

Here’s Ken on his one-year-old Birthday. As you can see, he wasn’t as hesitant. Do you think they look similar?

Back to the UT

Phew! 4000-mile round trip in less than 72 hours? Yep, we made it to Utah and back to South Carolina in less than three days, and it definitely was a whirlwind! We had a ton of fun, though. We packed in as many activities as we could. (So much so that even though Ken and I were exhausted because we had to get up at 2:00 am to start our adventure, we didn’t want to take a nap.)

We went to Utah for the weekend because Ken’s grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! It was a blast to be able to participate in the celebrations and to be able to learn more about Ken’s heritage. I really enjoyed it!


<<Aren’t they the cutest? I admire these two so much. I hope that I can be just as awesome as these two when I’m a grandparent.>>

We also took family pictures since the whole gang was in Utah. Right when we were about to go outside and take the pictures, it started raining. (Come on Utah. Really? We went to UT to get a break from the rain. I guess we brought it with us.) Thankfully, we were able to take some in a church with an awesome backdrop so you couldn’t tell that it was in a church. (But that backdrop really accentuated mine and Kenny’s paleness. Sorry that I passed that trait on to ya, kid.)

Family Pictures


While we were taking the pictures, we noticed that it had stopped raining outside, so we decided to take a few outside as well.

family pic cropped


We also got to hang out with Stacy and Levi, but I didn’t get a picture of it. I almost did, but Stacy, Levi, and Ken all refused to kiss a random boy who asked to be kissed on the cheek for a scavenger hunt. I don’t really blame them, though.

Also, we got to see both Suzanne’s and Christine’s new houses! They are both very nice houses, and it makes me really excited for when Ken and I will be able to buy a home. (At least 2 more years until we settle down into a more permanent location.)

And coincidentally we were in town for Katie Cutler’s mission homecoming! It was so fun to be able to see her (and Kelsey Kerr!) again after serving for a year and a half.


<<This picture was taken 2.5 years ago, but it’s the only picture I was able to find of the 3 of us.>>

While we were in the chapel listening to Katie give her awesome talk, Danielle nabbed Kenny and played with him for 3/4 of Sacrament meeting. It was great! I don’t think I’ve been able to listen that well to talks in a long time! And Ken and I were even able to hold hands during a bit of it since we weren’t constantly entertaining the babe. It was pretty refreshing.

Oh yeah, and Stacy and Kennedy were at the homecoming as well. Wish I had taken a picture of everyone.

Anyway, I love the UT and visiting it this past weekend made me feel like I was just coming back home. I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye to it.


Stages of Life


Well, we have a definite roller now. We have been trying for a while to get him to roll again, and he finally did it tonight. Ken and I were just talking and then all of a sudden Kenny rolled unto his back like it was no big deal. I just saw it out of the corner of my eye, so I really wanted to see him do it again. I put him back on his stomach and immediately he rolled over again. I kept on trying to get a video/picture of it, but he was too fast. As you can see in the above pictures, I got the beginning and the end, but I can’t seem to get the middle part aka the most important part of him actually rolling over.

Each time Kenny reaches a new stage, I get a bit nostalgic. I know that it’s completely ridiculous and silly, but seeing him roll over tonight really made me realize that each moment is precious. You can try to catch it on camera, but usually it doesn’t turn out as good anyway (especially having me as the photographer). I have officially made a “treasured moments” folder in my brain to store all of my favorite memories and images. Like when I walked out of our apartment this evening and the full moon was just coming up over the mountains. It was so beautiful, and I thought about running in and grabbing my camera,  but I knew it wouldn’t turn out as well as how I saw it at that moment. Life is such a blessing, and it’s good to just take a second and drink it in every day. My baby is growing and reaching new stages, but that’s okay. Each new stage is its own new little adventure, and it’s good to find joy in the journey.

Our little family is coming up on a big new stage quickly (moving across the country), but I’m up for it. Am I a bit nostalgic and sad? You bet. I have loved the time I’ve had here in Utah, and I love all of the people I’ve met. It’s crazy to think about how I’ve lived in Utah for nearly six years now, and tomorrow Ken and I will officially graduate from BYU. To say the least, it’s a bit surreal. And sad. And scary. And emotional. My friend Stacy does a really good job of recapping some fun stories we’ve had together. I wish I could remember those stories as well as she can, but I guess I’ve tried to block out some of the ridiculousness. :)

Got to say, I love life, and I love the possibilities that life has in store for us. Each new stage may be hard, but it’s all part of growing and learning.