New Wheels

Don’t you just love posts about new transportation?

Yeah, I know, kinda boring, but super fun for us!

We got a 2001 white Toyota Camry! Super super excited about this. We’ve had only one car for our entire marriage, and it has been fine really. But up until about 2 months ago (when Kenny started walking), we felt a little cooped up not being able to get out and do things during the day.

So we started looking. (I had actually been looking for quite some time just to get a feel for the market out here, but we started actually looking with the intent to buy.)

We found this car, and it was a very reasonable price and it only had 93,000 miles on it. The couple who owned it before us was an older couple who were especially particular about taking care of their things. They had carpet protectors over their carpets over their carpet. So we made an offer, negotiated back and forth a bit (which I did, and I am really proud of myself on how much I was able to talk him down), and came to an agreement.

Features that we are loving:

  • Roooooomy. With our huge carseat, we had to slide the passenger seat of the Corolla up super far to try to get it to fit in the car. With the new car there is plenty of leg room and then some to spare.
  • Cleanliness. It is extremely clean. Like border line OCD clean. Even under the hood. Which funny side story- we bought the car, drove to the gas station to get some gas, I stepped in oil, got in the car, and got black oil all over the carpets! Yes, we had owned the car for less than 5 minutes and I managed to ruin the carpets that quickly. It’s a talent.
  • Comfortable Seats. I am kind of funny about seats, especially seats in cars. It’s got to feel right on my back. And this one, oh yeah, it’s nice.
  • Quick, cold AC. Yes, we already are turning on the AC here in the South. It’s a must, but it sure is nice to have a car that cools down so quickly.
  • Dashboard that lights up properly. Our Corolla glitches in and out occasionally, which is usually fine unless you put the car in neutral instead of drive. Not like I’ve done that before, though. ;)
  • Automatic Seat Mover-things. Not that I really care about moving my seat forward manually, but I guess it is a nice feature.
  • Oh yeah! And the best feature of all! (Don’t know why this is at the bottom of the list) We have the controls that allow us to unlock/lock the car from the outside. So so so enjoy this. (Especially when I am juggling little guy, groceries, purse, etc.)

So yeah, you may see us cruising the town in two cars now. :)


The “New” Car

Yes, we got a “new” car. Gotta say, I love it. Some of my favorite features:

1. air conditioning

2. power locks (even though I locked our one set of keys in the car within the first 12 hours of ownership)

3. power windows

4. air conditioning

5. cup holders (our old car “had” cup holders . . . but they were on the inside of the glove compartment and were only a centimeter deep. not sure about you, but I occasionally have to turn in cars, so that doesn’t work.)

6. more than 4 inches between the passenger seat and the back seat

7. an Ipod hookup

8. air conditioning

9. a cool little spot to put my cell phone

10. a spot for sunglasses (I cannot tell you how many times I have broken my sunglasses by sitting on them.)

11. A trunk that stays open by itself without smashing your head

12. air conditioning

13. rear defroster

14. windshield wipers with all speeds functioning properly

15. did I say air conditioning? gosh, I love that. can’t live without it anymore.

So anyway, we be cruisin’ ’round P-town in our new ride! (unless Ken makes me ride my bike instead.)

Dream time, internship style!

“Revelation can also be given in a dream when there is an almost imperceptible transition from sleep to wakefulness.” Elder Richard G. Scott – April 2012 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

As you can imagine, this quote stuck out to me while listening to General Conference a few weeks ago because I often have peculiar experiences when I sleep. Most of the time I wouldn’t consider them revelatory – dinosaurs chasing me, being shot at by terrorists and taking refuge in the bathtub, swatting at imaginary spiders above Rachel’s head with my pillow, and the list goes on. To quote Elder Scott again, “If you strive to capture the content immediately [from your dreams], you can record great detail, but otherwise it fades rapidly.” A few nights after conference I had a dream about my upcoming internship and took the chance to write down what I dreamed about when I woke up and the following story is from those notes. Enjoy

We were having an orientation at IM Flash and I was given the wonderful task of observing many of the departments and processes that occur there. How would I travel you ask? By foot, Segway, pogo stick, other? No my friends, I got to travel by a hand-held helicopter. Think of something with two handles attached to helicopter blades. I would hold on and zoom around the production floor, narrowly dodging pipes and other obstructions, as I went around talking with the full-time employees. After some time of flying around I saw a long hallway with a light in the distance and asked one of the full timers what was down the hallway. He said, “That’s the hallway to intern land.” It seemed to invite and call out to me, but unfortunately I awoke before visiting intern land.

Am I excited for my internship? Of course! Do I think it’ll be cool to work in the production facility of the leading manufacturer and innovator of NAND flash? Oh yeah. But am I disappointed that there won’t be any hand-held helicopters? Big time. Hopefully there will still be a sweet “intern land.”

Feeling Pretty Fly-y-y-y-y

So, as I previously mentioned, I will disclose the price.  Keisha Lake won the contest from the thousands of contestants that entered.  She guessed $823548961597657.26, and the correct price was $20! Great job, Keisha! You won a high-five!

Anyway, I have loved riding the Firebolt around campus.  And people are, oh so, jealous.  I speed past people and get places in half the time.  Though, one thing that I have been struggling with is getting up the hills to campus.  Walking up the dreaded hills are bad, but over the past three years, I have been able to master the technique of walking/running up hills while trying to make it to class on time (Step one: place the right foot in front.  Step two: place the left foot in front.  Step three: repeat infinitely).


I am an amateur when it comes to riding up hills on a bike.  The past week I have had to come up with various excuses to stop mid-hill due to the extreme wheezing.  I used all the tricks in my book:


  • Dropping something. This allows maximum time to get off the bike, collect item(s), readjust, and get back on the bike. This is one of my favorites because you can lengthen the time off the bike according to how tired you are without looking too ridiculous.
  • Finding a friend to talk to.  This can be a little harder because you need to turn the conversation so they are doing most of the talking, so you can collect your breath.
  • Pretending to be afraid that the ice is too slick, so needing to walk the bike up the hill instead.
  • Tying your shoe.
  • Tightening your Velcro strap around your pant leg.
  • Pretending your gears on the bike are messed up.


As you can see, I am seriously a baby.


After comments like, “You aren’t suppose to take your bike for a walk” and “That’s not what you do with a bike”, I decided that it was time for me to become a big girl, and to make it up the big, scary hill.

This is how big the hill practically is, but I conquered it on February 10, 2011 at 10:37 a.m.  I then conquered it again three hours after that.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, twice in one day.  I was feeling pretty fly-y-y-y about myself.  I was peddling with a swagger, if you will.


I was back peddling like a normal person quickly, though.  I was trying to go up onto a sidewalk from the road, and apparently I was too parallel-like to the curb instead of perpendicular-like because I completely biffed it.  Like, on the ground, bike on top of me, biffed it.  I quickly got back onto my bike, and rode away humbled.


Anyway, the firebolt and I are still cruising (up hills now!), but a little more cautiously.

New Form of Transportation!

Hi, my name is Rachel Arleane Alford. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio December 27, 1989, and I am majoring in marketing.


This is what I feel like you need to tell everyone when you move into a new ward/apartment. It gets all the small talk out of the way, so why don’t you just say it upfront? My roommates use to make fun of me for doing that. I think it’s completely okay to shake someone’s hand, and say these two sentences. Maybe I will make a business where you can have a cute sign printed out that says all of the pointless stuff that people feel obligated to ask when they first meet you but don’t actually remember. Hmmm . . .


Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is because if you don’t know me already (stalker), than the marketing major part would be applicable to you. See, when I wrote the post called preview, I said that Ken and I got a new form of transportation. I am sorry if you thought that meant a car. We did not get a car, but we got something way cooler than that, so I know that you won’t even be upset.


We got it on KSL. (KSL is the coolest! It’s like the lazy approach to thrift shopping, hence, I love it!)


Here’s the beauty:

And in case that wasn’t big enough to see the fine color/detailing:



Now, I like to play a game called “How Much Did She Pay for That?” We always play this game for anything that I buy that I feel like is a way good bargain. So here are the rules:


1. Name a price that you know is over how much I really paid because if you name a price too low, then I will feel like I got ripped off.

2. Post it as a comment, and then I will tell you in my next blog post what the correct price is.


Anyway, I think Queen said it best,


“Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bike
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride It Where I Like”

I always sing this in my head when I ride to school, work, etc. It also works out really well because both my front and back brakes squeak a ton, so I have some musical accompaniment.


Oh, and did I mention the name of the bike? It’s called,


The Firebolt

because I ride so fast on it and stuff (yeah, right. I am a slow-poke and extremely weak.)


Anyway, look for me cruising (or wheezing) along in Provo.